Exclusive: Lisk (LSK) CEO Max Kordek speaking to Coinstelegram

At the “BlockShow Asia 2019” in Singapore Anna Tutova, CEO of Coinstelegram Agency, met Max Kordek, Founder, President and Director of Lisk. Lisk is an open-source project, Java-script toolbox for developers.

– Max, please, tell us more about your project.

  • The project is going very good. We have now 60 people in Berlin actively developing the project further. We have different kind of products. We have user interface products LISK – desktop and mobile, which are Wallets for these two platforms, and we have DSK which is toolbox dimensioned for developers to build on the blockchain and blockchain application. And we have a colossal network with token LSK, it’s running now since May 2016. So – yeh, we make a great progress!

– How did you get involved in this industry? How did you know about blockchain and cryptocurrency?

  • This was at the end of 2012, I was always interested in computer science, electrical engineering, but always had not a dream but passion for financial systems like investment banking and so on. And I always had been reading about bitcoin. Somehow it all combined in one package. And I find immediately that nothing is better. It was just great experience.

– Was Lisk your first project?

  • No. When I joined bitcoin [community], then I discovered altcoins, a GlideCoin, Nxt (NXT). But they were too decentralized from their governance point for me. That mean – they couldn’t really be pushed in the business aspect. That’s why I started to look for startups in that field and discovered Crypty, which was startup with one team actively pushing forward the project. We became partners, came together and said OK – hey! It’s really difficult to build your own blockchain – we should simplify that! And that’s why our Lisk was born.

– What are advantages of Lisk? Why should developers choose it?

  • Quite recently there are many like Proof-of-concepts poping-up, because we released our SDK. The advantage is you really are able to build you own blockchain. This is something quite new. You can do something similar on Cosmos in different languages, now it is Java Script. And that’s some companies and developers want because if you building on the existing platforms like Ethereum you have much higher fees on the network, you have less, that say, playroom, because you just building a smart contract – in comparison with own blockchain. It’s pretty interesting to see that people preferring nowadays their own blockchain instead of existing platform.

– What are the brightest examples of dApps built on Lisk?

  • Just recently there are like many Proof-of-concepts poping-up. Like one has been donor from the very long standing community member called CC001, which was basically a donation platform. If you have a great project, you need some money for it but for nonprofit project people could donate through the decentralized system, in tokens obviously. Another one is quite funny with beautiful user interfaces, Lisk Roulett, so its gambling basically. A really high quality production by The Moosty Team. Moosty is one of the guys who is taking care about Lisk, Lisk enthusiast in the Netherlands. So this is just examples of some Proof-of-concepts being developed around that time right now.

– How do you see the market development, blockchain, crypto?

  • Financially – I don’t know, it goes up and down, I’ve no idea. As for industry – it is bigger than ever, in my opinion. Of course, we had 2017-2018 bubble, but so many interesting projects had been built! And I would say, slowly but surely projects with the actually use case appeared, not crazy ideas but actually companies working together with this technology to solve problems in our life. Like enterprise sector, supply chain, E-commerce and so on. And also – what I’m burning for – like they say startup revival, like start of gaming. It is really interesting to see how the space is developed of the years into an actual industry now.

– Hope to see more successful projects on your platform!

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