Fundamentals Speaking

Against the background of statements by homebrown crypto analysts, assessments of the situation on the part of financial market professionals are becoming increasingly valuable. Almost all of them agree that the crypto market has a bright future. But they do not deny that we can have a gloomy present.

Roger Ver

In his Live Stream on Bloomberg TV CEO Roger Ver reiterated that he is a fundamental investor and therefore he is calmly looking at what is happening in the market now. In his opinion, right now it has become obvious that cryptocurrencies have a bright future. With this, the businessman didn’t clarify exactly which fundamental factors add up in favor of a bright future of crypto. It remains only to guess. Among the fundamental factors, we recall, are macro- and microeconomic phenomena, technological changes and political events and trends. Ver may have his sources of information. But from the fact that on the surface and what is available to everyone – really fundamental factors speak in favor of crypto:

  1. Unmanned robotic production moves from the category of experienced to the industrial zone. Cryptocurrencies are becoming of demand for the enterprises interaction.
  2. The Cold War between Russia and the consolidated West resumes. And this implies covert funding of the covert operations. Here also cryptocurrencies will be needed.
  3. The arms race is resuming. And this is not so bad. The military-industrial complex can become a driver of the economy. And so it was in the United States under Reagan. Now Putin reproduces this model not without success.
  4. Europe has entered a spiral of political crises. Merkel is leaving, Macron has not yet proved his ability to become a leader in the European Union. But in China, Xi Jinping became the ruler for life. This promises a stable development of the ‘world factory’, and Asia will continue to move ahead towards cryptoeconomics.

Perhaps that is why Roger Ver is arranging events in Tokyo?

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, the founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, a venture capital firm, shocked the community with a $ 1 million bet in favor of faster development of crypto-finance. The essence of the bet is that cryptocurrencies will surpass the S & P 500 stock index for 10 years. 11 years ago, Warren Buffett made the same amount, $ 1 million, that the S & P 500 stock index would surpass the group of five hedge funds over the same 10 years. Buffett won and gave this money to charity. What gives grounds for Pompiano to feel at the same level with Buffett?

In addition to managing the company, Anthony acts as an analyst for institutionalists. In his weekly letter, he constantly expresses very correct, but not widespread thoughts. In particular:

  • Bitcoin is the internet’s response to the fraud and corruption of the legacy financial system. Just a matter of time before the real disruption begins.
  • Bear markets get rid of tourists so entrepreneurs can focus on building.
  • How many dollars did the Federal Reserve print today? We don’t know. How many Bitcoin were produced today? 1,800. Software engineering beats financial engineering.
  • Bitcoin facts the media ignores: 70%+ of energy used is renewable; Better to catch criminals than USD; Best performing asset last 10 years; BTC beat S&P 500 since inception; 2X more wallets created in 2018, than all previous years combined. Facts matter, narratives don’t.

“As [the economy] gets more skewed and people feel they don’t have an opportunity to succeed they will give up on the system.” – Raghuram Rajan, Former Chief Economist at IMF. If the fiat system fails people, they will find a better system. Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers!

Just Facts

The fundamental drivers of the decentralized technology network are growing. Some data from

The number of Bitcoin blockchain wallet users continues to increase dramatically over the last two years:

The cost per transaction continues to decline through 2018:

The total number of transactions is increasing over the last two years:

The number of confirmed transactions per day has increased since February 2018:

Price is not a most important measurement of future value. Fundamentals for the Bitcoin blockchain appear to be growing stronger despite the decline in the current price.

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