Gram Showed 4x before Launch

The cryptocurrency of Pavel Durov and his darknet TON, called Gram, has already made a lot of noise. Perhaps not a single launch was expected with such impatience. Durov has such a high rating among cryptoinvestors that he does not have to make any additional hype. Gram is awaited by both institutionalists and private investors. Although the latters has almost no business here.

Speculators discredit Gram?

The latest report says that Gram may be launched before the end of March. But a month on the London Xena Exchange derivatives on it opened with a leverage of 100x. And it seems that the worst predictions that this derivative will inflate and discredit the price of Gram are justified. Over the month, the derivatives made 4x, from $ 2.2 to $ 8.25, with daily trading volumes of $ 100 K. That is, we can assume that Gram has already been sold for $ 3 M. Meanwhile, crypto-service company HASH Crypto Investment Bank (HASH CIB) predicted the Gram price by the end of 2019 at $ 5.9. It is the price that Xena is guided, promising to close all derivatives in case TON will not be launched.

HASH CIB is located in Moscow, Xena Exchange is based in London, also with the participation of Russian business. And do not forget that the team of Pavel Durov also comes from Russia. “Russian trace” is obvious.

If hype continues to grow, and the price of derivative increases, many investors will not avoid disappointment. Although the prospects for TON (Gram) are good. And the business model of Pavel Durov itself, supported by 200 M Telegram users, is almost flawless. Unless his “imitator” Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook Coin cross him. The Zuckerberg coin has not only a larger base of users, but also a competitive advantage that is important for American community: it is promised as stablecoin.

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