Hardfork as a Way to Make Money

Constantinople postponed to the end of February. But this became known only on the last announced day of hardfork – January 18th. And the market has managed to respond. This is a reason to speculate. Is it still possible to earn in such a nervous market? Well, if you are a sophisticated and courageous speculator?

According to a textbook

The chart of Ethereum in the days of hardforks turned out to be indicative as in textbooks. Many experts, adherents of technical analysis, with pleasure began to outline rectangles.

And indeed, it is an excellent illustration of the hard rule of the trader:

– Buy on expectations, sell on the facts! How much could you earn?

Yes, a lot! If you bought at the nervous drop of 01/14/19 at $ 116.19 and have sold just on the 15th at $ 127.12 – the profit would be almost 9.5%. Per day! For optimists there was a second sale term – 01/18/19, with a price of $ 122.56. With profit of 5.5%.

The question remains – do such magic rectangles always happen on hardforks? Looks like no. Bitcoin Cash did not give such opportunities to speculators.

Perhaps this is the privilege of Ethereum. Looking forward to Serenity?

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