How much money could you make on three leading cryptocurrencies?

Despite the nervousness and a certain stagnation, cryptomarket still leaves opportunity for bold and calculating speculator. Even a simple confronted calculation gives very impressive values.

From 1.28x to 2x

For example, for the month from December 15, due to predictable volatility, with only three leading cryptocurrencies you could earn from 28% on Bitcoin to almost 100% on Ether.

The Corn showed the value of $ 3,193.89 on the fateful day of December 15. And on January 6, it was worth $ 4,093.3. An increase of 28%.

Unexpected and unusual in second place in terms of capitalization Ripple (XRP) increased from December 15 to January 10 from $ 0.282671 to $ 0.377294. The growth was more than 33%.

And, finally, the long-suffering Ether grew from December 15 to January 5 from $ 83.24 to $ 160.23. This is 92.5%!

If a successful investor invested $ 1000 in each of the three leading cryptoactive assets and siphoned them off in time, he would have made a profit of $ 1,535. This is 51% in just a month, in annual terms 614%!

And you say – hard times? All the data to make a profitable decision all this time has been widely published on thematic resources, including Coinstelegram. Stay tuned!

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