Ian Balina Crypto World Tour – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ian Balina Crypto tour stopover in Amsterdam last week was bright and interesting indeed. But sometimes it looked like presentation of only one project. Which one? You’ll get it after you read this.

What these famous Crypto World Tour looks like? Very democratic and friendly. As a rule our beloved guru choose several ICO projects – to discuss with audience (community). May be to verify his own ratings which most of advanced investors always take into consideration – by the way.

So in Holland there were 8 projects chosen by Balina. Each one was given 1 minute to present itself by its CEO. Then a short list was formed with 3 best projects – they got 3 min each. And at last the very best West European project was chosen by voting. And its CEO can speak about this project for 5 min additionally. Wow! Cool program.

So, from the beginning – who were those 8 chosen by Ian? In his own words:

– I see your pitches – hopefully we get to find the next 10x 100x ICO! We have the pleasure of having eight ICO join us on stage today.

They are:

  • ORCA – places cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges next to traditional bank accounts for a convenient all-in-one display. Artificial Intelligence-backed analytics provide personalized tips on the most optimal fund management strategies for everyone. Token Sale starts in OCTOBER and gains now $1,500,000 of $9,800,000 (15%).
  • ORCA – Protecting authenticity by combining NFC & blockchain Token Sale ended 27 MAY with $8,160,000 of $33,000,000 (25%), Returns since ICO 0,039x ($0,003151 now, $0,08 on ICO)
  • X2X – makes use of a decentralized and privacy-oriented digital currency that evolves the CryptoNote protocol. Token sale TBA.
  • Phantasma – messaging protocol, using the power of the NEO blockchain. Decentralized, fast and secure. Token Sale ended 28 MAY with $9,650,000 of $9,700,000 (99%). Returns since ICO 0.16x USD, 0.31x ETH.
  • 0xCERT (ZXC) – an open source, permission-less protocol for validating the existence, authenticity and ownership of unique digital assets on the blockchain. Token Sale ended 4 JULY with 99%, $9,450,000 of $9,500,000.
  • Talao – data service, the Reputation Protocol and DAO for the 100 million freelancing talent. Token Sale ended 30 JULY with 21% $2,340,000 of $11,200,000. Returns since ICO 0.14x USD, 0.23x ETH.
  • Sparkster – make it possible to build software without writing code. And use Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, a specialized blockchain with more than 10 Million TPS. Token Sale ended 9 JULY with $30,000,000 (100%).
  • Globatalent – A global marketplace for sports business and a platform to tokenize talents and sports institutions.

Now, hand on heart, everyone asks – What the hell this Sparkster is doing in front of these losers?

That’s right – Sparkster CEO Sajjad Daya was the Star of this meetup. To say truth – any other project without negative history would be the Star in such conditions. But it was Sparkster. So – the question from the audience was natural:

– Ian, are you shilling only paid ICOs?

The answer was:

– This is the question I get all the time. The answer stays the same – no, I am NOT shilling paid ICOs. I mean – I’ve been very transparent and clear with everything. I mean I’m probably the most transparent advisor investor into space… I mean – because it’s pretty simple guys right in America right as I am American – it is illegal to take money for an ICO or projects and not disclose that. If you do that is illegal. If somebody of my stature do that I’ll be behind bars. The fact that I’m not behind bars is your answer!

We trust in Ian – because if not – than only in God. So – some more words from his direct speech:

– I’m a blockchain angel investor, I do this full-time for a living, I travel around the world, trying to find the next big guy CEO. I’m also part of an angel investor group that invests up to ten million dollars in ICOs. Prior to that I was working as a sales engineer at IBM so I’m very technical by nature.

And the winner of that Crypto World Tour – Sparkster CEO Sajjad Daya – have had his 10++ minutues of fame. He said:

– I promised you something incredible – I said that we could all build software without writing any code and here it is we start by building interfaces drag and drop out of pretty background. Some people actually use the thing right then we write logic and plain English… Now you’ve got 26,000 TPS on Testnet. What we’re doing next month-  we’re gonna hopefully run a public demonstration of this network.

So – Sparkster got fabulous hype after that event. And for sure this is not coincidence. But personally me believe – Ian Balina do not shill for money. We trust Balina and most interesting words from his AMA in Amsterdam will be published additionally.

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