IEOs parade continues: Bitrue (BTR)

Crypto exchange Bitrue, with headquarters in Singapore and Taiwan, conducts a presale of its token Bitrue Coin (BTR). Plus Bounty, which includes 400 K BTR ($ 20 K).

Feed the piggy

Presale has already begun. Purchase of tokens is possible for Tether (USDT).

Exchange offers 4 packages, based on investors of different levels.

Bitrue has a number of advantageous features, in particular – the absence of a fee for listing and taking into account the opinions of users during the listing. As well as the PowerPiggy program – an additional 7.3% interest for those who store tokens of a number of cryptocurrencies on accounts.

Campaigning for the tokensale, Bitrue CEO Curis Wang summarizes what BTR can be used for:

  • Bitrue Coin (BTR) can be used as a trading fee for buying and selling crypto currencies on the Bitrue platform, with a tiered discount rate year by year
  • By holding Bitrue Coin (BTR), investors will have the opportunity to increase their interest rate for their tokens held in Bitrue’s Power Piggy program
  • By holding Bitrue Coin (BTR), community members will have the power to vote for their preferred token/coin to be listed on the Bitrue platform

Well, what to say? Binance exchange, which at the beginning of the year started all this story with IEO, received another competitor – plagiarist. Exchanges do not hesitate to borrow useful experience, developing it as much as they can. This works out great for the market.

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