Looking From Johannesburg: Who Lost $26M?

The Globe is huge. While in Portugal is hottest ever summer – above 47 degrees! – in South Africa, Johannesburg is only 22 – and only 6 in night. But nevertheless just from Johannesburg came a message that blew up cryptocommunity. It is like follows:

– Spent the morning with an ICO (not to be named) they raised $30M with a solid roadmap, they raised when ETH was $1200. They panicked and sold their remaining ETH last night – they have $4M left.

Somebody with nickname Ran NeuNer has twitted on yesterday night at his private twitter with more than 80K followers by the way.

No names. Some comments:

– So this ICO panick sold the capital they raised, at a huge discount… And yet you don’t want to warn your followers? Am I missing something here?

– How can you raise $30m and be that stupid at the same time ?

– Man… solid roadmap on crypto ??? crypto is a UNREGULATED HUGE VOLATILE CRAZY MANIPULATED market… I love crypto and I love be realistic!

– ICO teams are holding 3.4% of current ETH supply, now facing regulatory pressure and lower prices. Equivalent to 2014 Bitcoin mining margin squeeze?

And this one is probably the best one:

‏- We saw this coming last year. These people should be in jail. Speculating with investor’s money. Get rekt

Ran NeuNer introduced himself as Crypto trader from CNBC Africa, an African television network for Sub-Saharan Africa. It was launched by CNBC and Africa Business News in 2007 with headquarter in Johannesburg. Those who like (and have patience) to wait – may possibly wait a hot review on CNBC Africa by Ran NeuNer. For other we held our own investigation.

So there are some cool ended ICO received $30M. They are: Sparkster, Alchemint, RightMesh, DAOstack, Havven, CPChain, Restart Energy, Shipchain, Jibrel Network, Blackmoon, Storj… But the perpetrator of all that hype mentioned that “They spent a whole lot of cash in the last 7 months… on crazy stuff!” So most likely the ICO ended in January.

According to ICO Drops they are: IOST ($31,3 M), Shipchain ($30M), CPChain ($30M), Restart Energy ($30M), dadi ($29M).

Who lost? Try to guess.

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