Market Grows By Whales Push? – Opinion

The protracted bearish trend on cryptomarket being discussed increasingly in crypto community. Opinions as always vary:

  • We are waiting for the market to rebound, there is nothing to add. If you are sitting in crypto, you can only wait. We are just passengers in the global game!

From the other side you hear:

  • Why should the rebound happen – fundamentally? The upward movement will only be artificially made by whales all the time till at least some companies from the crypto will begin generating profits!

And such voices from “the other river bank ” sound more and more loudly:

  • Now crypto-currencies only devour a huge amount of fiat money, enriching the creators of projects. Profit is also received from companies that deal with crypto-currency topics (exchangers, integrator sites with advertising, etc.), but they generate nothing. Only exchanges generate profit from with projects.

There is pure logic in this statement. Indeed, the fundamental growth of the market should begin when projects begin to “be used in real life, simplifying it, reducing costs, i.e. generating profit “. Until then, the market “will dry out, sometimes bouncing up because of the actions of whales.” In this case, it is known that the actions of whales are cyclical, so the bursts on cryptomarket look are cyclical too.

There are also opinions much more gloomy:

  • The market is super inflated now There is not a single working project that brings real profit. Everyone talks about breakthrough crypto technologies, and that it will be used everywhere. But in fact it is not used anywhere.

Conclusion? It is possible that whales will again inflate the market, but then it will fly down even more than early. Mass sales will begin and profit will be fixed according to the principle – “The early bird gets the worm”. And it is unlikely smbd will hold the entire “bankroll”, if bitcoin will reach again $ 15-20-25K. Investors are learned the hard way.- or scared. “Therefore, even with a slight manipulation and inflation of the whales the market will collapse much faster. Sustainable growth requires the fundamental use of crypto and at least some benefit in real life, rather than some speculation with the air! ”

We can add only the following: what part of speculative interest is now in the capitalization of real companies? And what part  is due to real cash flow? This is determined only by the market. And we are its participants.

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