Marshal Lion Group IEO Review

Not so often, IEO are launched by a company with great positive experience in fiat finance. Marshal Lion is just such a company.

Problems and solutions

Problems with bank loans are widely known:

  • long term paperwork;
  • the need to provide guarantees;
  • high fees;
  • as well as the inability to get a loan in principle – in case of bad credit history.

The Marshal Lion Group offers one solution that fixes all these problems: blockchain. Indeed, the technology of distributed ledger immediately eliminates the need for guarantees, and intermediaries, and the involvement of third parties. Everything is transparent, fast, and therefore also with low fee. Through the use of the blockchain platform, the Marshal Lion Group is able to meet the loan requirements of both enterprises and individuals, both private and public sector.

Marshal Lion Group is a Polish company that has been operating in the financial markets since October 2015 and has served 10 thousand customers already. The motto of the company is “Our client’s success is our success”. Thanks to innovative approaches to work, the company is growing rapidly. So, in December 2017, the turnover growth amounted to 1417% compared to January-December 2016. And revenue for 2018 increased by 212% compared to the previous year. Marshal Lion Group also participated in the founding of 1000 new companies and provided more than 3 thousand loans. Marshal Lion Group attributes its success to the team of professional financial advisors, as well as to the principles of work. The main thing is accuracy and fulfillment of obligations. And also flexibility in approaches to clients.

The choice of a blockchain platform is predetermined by the entire evolution of the company. From the point of view of the Marshal Lion Group, blockchain opens up new opportunities for customers, without increasing the risks for the company. Without involving third parties and providing guarantees, customers can apply for a loan based on their international rating. The time to make a decision is reduced greatly. Time-consuming processes are automated using smart contracts. At the same time, the ability to quickly obtain loans is achieved.

The blockchain allows the Marshal Lion Group to work equally successfully with private and public clients. In total, the company identifies three areas of its work:

  • private sector, with loans for a period from 1 month to 6 months;
  • public sector, loans for a period from 3 to 6 months;
  • hybrid loans – from 1 to 6 months.

All loans are provided according to the B2B model. The transfer of activities to the blockchain platform will obviously strengthen the position of the Marshal Lion Group in the non-banking loan market. Therefore, the company came up with the idea of issuing utility token and conducting IEO. 120 million MLGC tokens will be issued at a price of $ 0.25. Tokens will allow investors to participate in the company’s business and receive 50% of the profits from the sale of its products.

From fiat to crypto

As noted in Marshal Lion’s Whitepaper, its IEO have enormous advantages over startup tokensales:

– Marshal Lion has the clear advantage in the most important business aspect, being a company with a strong market position, enormous experience and expert resources. Successfully granting more than 3 thousand loans proves the in-depth proficiency in the field and understanding of the underlying legal and financial intricacies. In this context, the token offered by Marshal Lion will constitute an attractive asset to supplement the portfolio of every investor who know the principles of diversification and is looking for a stable instrument from the non-bank loans sector that was previously difficult to access.

During the IEO, $ 30 M will be raised. The distribution of tokens indicates a desire to expand the core business of Marshal Lion. But the team also pays attention to investors who do not seek to participate in the company’s business, but want to benefit from their investment in MLGC tokens. For them, system work will be conducted on the token listing on the most famous exchanges, in accordance with the Roadmap.

With the help of Airdrop, the team hopes to draw the attention of the crypto community to its token even more. There will be airdropped MLGC tokens worth $ 375.000.

An enterprise is registered for IEO purposes. But the backbone of the team is unchanged. It is headed by Management Board President and co-founder Bartlomiej Wasilewski, an experienced financier.

MLGC tokens can be used to invest in Marshal Lion products. But for those investors who are not interested in this, the opportunity to sell them at a favorable rate on exchanges remains open.

The IEO Marshal Lion is scheduled for the last day of September.

Pre-sale is open now!

Join us and become part of the first loan market tokenizing project in the world. If you use your MLGC token during PRE SALE, you will be entitled to 30% discount, which will reduce the price to USD 0.18!


Unlike startups and young technology companies, IEO of Marshal Lion tokenizes a ready-made and booming business. In fact, this is an innovative approach in the field of non-bank loans – to develop the company’s success by attracting new funds through crowdfunding. Marshal Lion does not promise big Xs, in the FAQ on the website it is stated that ROI will depend on how investors are going to use the MLGC token. But from the experience of their traditional business, the team names the figure 10%. Modesty and professional approach inspire confidence. It is possible that the token of this company will give much greater profit to investors.


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