NKN will make the Internet really open

NKN (New Kind of Network) looks extremely ambitious. In the case of implementation, it promises the New Internet – neither much nor little. Founders of NKN believe that over the decades of development, the Internet has begun to lose its spirit and original vision. Network neutrality is canceled. Spectrum and bandwidth are not used effectively. The information is fragmented and can be censored. Privacy protection is limited. The network needs reform.

The NKN project is aimed at full network decentralization and self-evolving and selfincentivized blockchain network infrastructure based on the Cellular Automata technique. At the same time, the goals of dynamism and efficiency are achieved. And NKN “tokenizes” the network connection and data transmission with the help of consensus PoW or Proof of Relay – participants earn tokens for the development of the network. Miners, developers and investors will receive sensible income.

In view of the ambitiousness and innovativeness of the project, its mathematical foundations are described in detail in Whitepaper.


Icodrops ROI rate – High

Liu Cryptos – 89/100

TheGobOne- 84/100



Q1 2018: Release online blockchain forum for technical communication.

Q1 2018: Release Whitepaper & Economic Model.

Q1 2019: Launch beta NKN network with ledger based on Cellular Automata & Proof of Relay.

Q3 2019: Release high efficient and scalable NKN network 1.0.



Yanbo Li is a co-founder, also known as Onchain. Has a huge experience in the development of blockades. Over 10 years of R & D experience in Nokia, Qualcomm.

The second co-founder bears the proud name of Bruce Li, he is a celebrity’s namesake, perhaps the future celebrity. A technologist with an innovative vision and business acumen. He led several multi-million-dollar start-up projects in Nokia and Google.

Whitfield Diffie is the project advisor. The creator of public key cryptography, a laureate of the Turing 2015 award. Public-key cryptography revolutionized Internet commerce, blockchain and crypto-currency. Worked in Sun Microsystems until 2009. Currently he is a consulting scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.

Plus 9 more specialists with extensive experience in development and business.



Hard Cap: 12,050 ETH.

Price of the Token: 1 ETH – 4,150 NKN

Description of the Token: NEP-5


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