nOS – the operating system with the browser for the blockchain

It is, at last – a browser for a blockchain, decentralized distributed Internet! Although it is too early to talk about the transition of the Internet to the status as decentralized.

Browser nOS (or virtual OS) – allows any user to connect to the applications. Without bothering with special knowledge. And to understand the features of different tokens. In short, nOS for crypt is the same as hypertext for the World Wide Web. So it is stated.

nOS is built on the NEO platform and for the development of NEO Smart Economy.


The authors insist on talking about nOS in terms of the “operating system”. It includes an application store and a browser. And is the “gateway” to the world of blockchain applications on the NEO platform. By the way, the first dApp  is already working, it’s NeoBlog ( While very “basic”, nevertheless it works and works on the NEO blockchain.

This first swallow – first, gives a big plus to the project. Secondly – gives an idea of ​​how it will develop into the future. Sites and applications can be placed in an open decentralized form using NEO smart contracts. Everything that happens with the data is understandable and open. But few of the observers decide to look further. What, in fact, gives this decentralization and openness? It gives neither much, nor little – protection from DDOS-attacks at least. In principle, they are impossible and meaningless. In any case, it looks like that.

And one more consideration – about the money, of course. This is the most convincing about the reality of the project. Its main feature is that using different dApps  – it’s no need to use different tokens. For everyone users may use NEO-GAS tokens that automatically convert to NEP-5. It is known that NEP-5 for the NEO platform is the same as the ERC20 for the Ether.


Very worthy.

The founder is Dean van Dugteren, the creator of ClickDJ, a music marketing program, and VDT Network, a program that runs on top of NEO, a decentralized application for video files.

Matt Huggins is the developer of the Neon wallet, which is used in the NEO ecosystem as the main one.

Jason Perry is the author of NEO Ruby, a library for writing applications on Ruby for NEO.

Jeroen Peeters is an application developer on NEO. In particular, the author of the demo application NEOAuth (

The whole team is part of the global independent group of developers the City of Zion (, that support and build the NEO ecosystem . Already developed NEO Wallet (, NEOScan (, NeoMon ( And part of the team is working on a decentralized cross-market exchange on NEO, NEX ( So – they are not so “no profit do-gooders”.


Token: NEP5.

Hardcap: not announced.

ICO: 3 q. 2018

Whitelist: not open, but filling required.

KYC: also required.

Token Sale will be held in 3 stages:

  • Private sale – only NEO partners;

  • Presale – for those who develop Proof of Concept applications based on nOS or a participant in the development of nOS code;

  • Public sale – for everyone.

Bounty: no.

Whitepaper: not published


The project is very impressive. One “decentralized Internet without DDOS attacks” would be enough to be waited and supported. But also there is a single payment platform for NEO blockchain!

Important: the team is not just strong, but successfully working, with several live and in-demand projects behind them. All this onomastics implicated on the Matrix Movie should not be brought down on a frivolous impression. Matrix – it was really a cult movie.

From the minuses of the project – the lack of impressive advisers. Although, with such a team, maybe they are not needed? Not yet announced a large number of partners. But there is venture financing. The NEO Global Capital fund ( announced its support. In his portfolio – Bluzelle – Decentralized database service, Zilliqa – High Throughput Blockchain platform, Trinity – Peer to peer payment network, Mainframe – Censorship resistant message routing, RuffChain – Decentralised IoT platform, Switcheo – Decentralized Exchange, etc.

A little bit upsetting the absence of Whitepaper.

nOS, of course – not “one warrior in the battle”. But for the time being this is the leading project from the category of Smart Economy for the NEO blockchain. And this is, perhaps, a challenge to others who are oriented on the Ether platform. For example, Cardstack.

Definitely the project deserves attention. And, perhaps worth to participate.

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