Only Binance – in green zone

After yesterday’s market collapse, only BNB remained in the green zone. Will the new market leader be able to push the rest of market after the IEO?

The Age of Exchanges

The next IEO in the new fair lottery format is held at Binance just today, the draw is at 11 a.m. UTC, announcement – after 2 p.m. UTC. The format is such that there should be no rush immediately before the tokensale – the exchange demanded to keep BNB tokens on the accounts of the participants for a long period, 20 days, from April 5. Still, BNB has grown on expectations, even pushed Bitcoin. True, not for a long time.

CZ took measures to ensure that there were no sudden movements in the market immediately after the tokensale. MATIC tokens are produced according to a smooth, stepped charts.

Distribution of tokens – 15 days after tokensale, most likely the next project for IEO will be announced by that time.

Half of sold MATIC will be unlocked within a month, the second half – in November.

Matic is a long-awaited project, but not revolutionary. Coinstelegram wrote about it earlier. Its purpose is to improve the Ethereum blockchain, so it may simply be unclaimed after the next upgrade of Ethereum.

But what will be the next project on the Binance Launchpad? Most likely, CZ will want to launch a startup that will use its own blockchain Binance Chain.

And the main intrigue is whether BNB, with its 7th place in the rating and capitalization of $ 3.230 billion, will be able to return to the market lost $ 8 billion, including on expectations of IEO Matic?

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