Our Everything and Something Else – TOP-5 Coin’s Trackers

Coinmarketcap is the first from the needed resources of everyone who is interested in crypto. But there are others on the market, inspired by its success. They offer also new services. And CMC does not rest on its laurels – it is necessary move ahead and it grows above itself. So, Coinmarketcap and others – a brief unbiased review.


Coinmarketcap is crypto’s Google. And it does not stand still – it is not allowed to stand still. Therefore, from time to time updates are made to the service “to provide as much information as possible to users” – as it is stated.

The website has removed volume requirement that used to be necessary for the listing of trading platforms. Also the CMC team announced more features aimed at fixing misleading crypto exchange rankings including levers and toggles based on additional criteria, such as a fee model of preference or an existing registration. CMC also has introduced new metrics, such as 7-day and 30-day volume, and the establishment date of each exchange, so that users can use those as a way to evaluate for themselves the consistency of the volume on the exchange. And recently Coinmarketcap rolled out their own portfolio tracking app to use in smartphone – to see price, volume and market.

Recently CMC try to serve not only as coins’ tracker but content provider too. Some educational content one may find on the blog. To share thoughts and to provide up-to-date crypto news, analysis and fun polls CMC newsletter is issuing.

CMC also maintain partnership with data providers and researchers. One of the latest is its cooperation with Vela – a leading independent provider of trading and market access technology for global multi-asset electronic trading. CMC data are used now in Vela’s SuperFeed that provides low-latency, normalized market data without the need for any client infrastructure. More than 100 markets and data sources already available on SuperFeed, covering all major North American and European markets.


Most interesting feature of Cryptocompare is its portfolio. There are several reasons to use it:

    1. Synchronization with more than one device.
    2. Many portfolios one can manage.
    3. Desktop version. It is more convenient to use portfolio via desktop than at smartphone.

In addition – the service has nice user interface. One of the main Cryptocompare cons is the lack of small cap coins.


As for portfolios – Blockfolio is the world’s most popular management App. Including “effortlessly monitoring & managing all cryptocurrencies in one place”. Blockfolio supports 3000+ cryptocurrencies. And offers a suite of tools for simple, yet powerful, portfolio management – up-to-date exchange prices & market analysis. It has global coverage with 80+ exchanges, candlestick charts, and real-time order book for every coin. Very informative Blockfolio App coin performance Summary Screen. Plus – profit/loss tracking & cost basis. That means – one can view all cryptocurrency investments at once and get detailed profit/loss on each coin. And the service is permanently growing. New features:

  • Receiving updates directly from crypto teams with Blockfolio Signal
  • Receiving development updates straight from leadership teams of coins like Dash, Icon, TenX, Civic, & Kyber.
  • Getting the latest crypto news from CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph and more in your custom news feed.
  • Viewing portfolio in 60+ Fiat Currencies including all the major ones like USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, AUD, CAD, SEL, BRL, and many more.
  • Setting Pricing Alerts
  • Using alerts to get notified of price fluctuations.


OnChainFX is providing greater range of metrics than any other service. Main are:

  • a coin’s 2050 market cap (to calculate its future worth);
  • percentage of supply issued
  • ROI
  • historical prices
  • the ability to compare the movement of two assets side by side

OnChainFX provides also specific info of a coin’s Vladimir Club Cost. Initially Vladimir Club had uniteв the elite of bitcoin community. The term appeared at Bitcointalk due to some person named Vladimir. He had stated that there is a Club with only one membership requirement: owning 1% of 1% (1/10,000th) or more of the total bitcoins that will ever be mined (21,000,000). So that’s 0.0001% of 21,000,000, or 2,100 BTC. OnChainFX lists the Vladimir Club cost with every digital asset.


Bitinfocharts seems to be a mess. But with its unique features this service provides extremely useful info, such as the number of transactions sent and their average value for all the major cryptocurrencies. There’s also data on block times and wallets including rich lists and wealth distribution. Additionally, Bitinfocharts shows the status of coin’s Github repository. That means – shows which project is being developed and which have gone to seed.

New services appear almost daily – we’ll seek, analyze and inform community. Coinmarketcap is superb – but not the only one of its kind.

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