Pavel Durov’s TON showed “extremely high transaction speed”

The leak, which was posted by Vedomosti newspaper, is about Pavel Durov’s TON network testing . Several teams were admitted to the blockchain and installed nodes to test it.

Gram will move XRP?

According to previous statements by Pavel Durov, TON will process about a million transactions per second. Leaving far behind all existing platforms, TON will be able to compete with Visa and Mastercard in payment speed. Other platforms till now could only dream about that. With the help of its cryptocurrency Gram, TON promises to turn the market, at least in gaming applications. Although nothing prevents to extend these opportunities to the banking and financial sector. What will the CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse say then? Until now, he has shown no concern about Gram or about the upcoming launch of Facebook Coin. But from Zuckerberg, you can also expect anything.

As for the negative on TON and Gram, it is already in abundance. According to Forbes, investors who have invested $ 1.7 billion in the development (or personal wealth of Pavel Durov) are dissatisfied with the development of the project and that Pavel Durov reports to them as a percentage. This is the same as talking about sturgeon first or second freshness.

The platform either works or not. And the percentages, even 90%, do not matter. It is these data – 90% readiness – that were announced in the last messages from the developers. Perhaps testing will convince investors better.

Make money and run away?

This position of investors in this case looks, to put it mildly, not weighted. Forbes cites a statement from one of them, without specifying any names:

– As long as there are no gateways for depositing and withdrawing funds on the platform, it will not start!

It seems that investors are set to a speculative game: to wait for the peak of the Gram rates and to sell it.

But there are other reasons for doubt. Crypto experts note that Gram’s potential audience is more than 200 M. Telegram announced so much a year ago. A Telegram Messenger, according to Durov, was created in order to have a user base of its cryptocurrency. But 200 M users is many times more than the number of users of the main blockchains. With such audience the speed most likely will drop down on the launch of Mainnet.

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