PR in TGE and ICO: TOP 5 components

PR activity is a necessary part of business. As for startups the value of PR activity increases, since startups are the forefront of business and creativity onslaught on the dead matter of everyday life – for its revival. A startup is the riskiest incarnation of a business. Therefore, PR activity needs to be very fine-tuned – in order to support the project, and not to harm it. That happens when an illiterate approach is applied.

We give the TOP-5 component of a competent PR strategy.

  1. Themes

There are three thematic areas for PR in ICO and TGE. You need to convince target audience that your project:

  • has outstanding market prospects;

  • is developed by an excellent team;

  • and for sure – not scam

Each post or message should be created in one of these areas.

  1. Global reach

We must not forget that we are working on the first truly global market. In terms of PR, this means the need for international relations (IR) with foreign roadshows, including in Asia as the most advanced region. Mandatory interaction with crypto funds – which are also mostly Asian in origin. For example, the Coinstelegram Fund has strong links with Singapore funds. In addition, language preferences should be provided in IR. Say, the Japanese perfectly perceive English-speaking messages, and Koreans prefer their native language.

  1. Relevant activity

We must not forget about the part of the community that does not connect with crypto or business. Profile media in the guerrilla marketing will not only support the project, but will be the proof of its author’s expertise.

  1. Meetups

Conducting meetings and conferences becomes standard de-facto. This kind of activity brings obvious benefits to the project and to the team. Conferences on blockchain and cryptocurrency give feedback from investors. Profile events allow you to navigate better the market segment.

  1. Personal PR

Last but not least, personal PR allows not only to successfully promote the project, but also to save the budget. The authoritative person attracted to the project as an adviser – gives an easy way to get free publications.

All 5 basic principles are based on three pillars: 1) the media, 2) access to investors, and 3) systematic work in social networks.

Ringing any bells? Exactly! is:

  • powerful reputable media site;
  • Investor’s Club established under the Coinstelegram Fund;
  • Live relevant social media channels.

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