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Torex is a new multi-functional blockchain platform, in its developing the most advanced achievements of the crypto industry are used. It is is aimed at the widest audience – from beginners to advanced traders.

General impression consolidates various exchanges, coins and analytical tools on one platform and provides the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, gaining valuable experience and using various strategies. It is also valuable that the mobile version has the same functionality as the web version. And this makes it possible for user to be in the market all around the clock.

For whom is this platform developed? The short answer is – for everyone. Everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies. And there are more of these every day, and in the end, everyone will inevitably be interested in crypto. But speaking in detail, is equally well suited for both a novice and an experienced trading wolf. The team tried to make the trading process simple and straightforward, and even funny. This is stated on the first page of Whitepaper (… make the process of cryptocurrency trading simple and clear, because not only a beginner, but even a professional has a difficulty to analyze the information which is necessary for trading). And it certainly succeeded.


The development idea is that, unlike traditional trading, crypto trading still does not have a universal tool for fast and efficient work. Traders have to use a huge amount of resources. There is functionality, but it is scattered across different exchanges, which makes the trader’s work ineffective. changes the situation, because from one platform, in one interface, a trader can now monitor quotes and trades, go to several exchanges at once. The development uses the experience of a huge number of professional experts of the highest level – traders, analysts, marketers. The result is an excellent product that the market has been looking forward to for a long time.


So what is A site to which all exchanges, coins and tokens are attached for tracking from one platform. Plus an advanced set of analytical tools with combined trading strategies – and all this is available on any type of device. The built-in messenger allows user to track multiple exchanges at the same time and use the built-in analytical tools. But the most important advantage of is its orientation to the most advanced trend in trading – social trading. Social trading is a set of activities that includes working in the financial market by interacting with other market participants (traders, analysts, investment companies). In this context, the exchange and use of information implies from making investment and trading decisions to unconditional copying of part or all of trade transactions, as well as the style of risk management. This concept is implemented in and is the key to the undoubted success of the project. The fact is that most traders in the cryptocurrency market are newcomers. And social trading for them is the best choice.


The project aims to create a massive ecosystem that includes:

  • connection to the trading API;
  • exchange of ideas through a messenger with enhanced security (with end-to-end encryption);
  • PAMM – trading (Percent allocation management module) – an advanced system of transfer to management;
  • crypto betting (betting on the rate of a coin or token);
  • improved functionality in comparison with all existing analogues.

Ecosystem is supported with the TOR token. It gives user the opportunity to access the advanced functionality of the platform and receive rewards for activity. Tokens are bought on the presale and during IEO. IEO is held on one of the largest exchanges – Probit (87th place as for volume in the Coinmarketcap list, only 6 positions lower than Gemini).

Fund allocation

The complex large-scale tasks that the project solves can only be handled by a well-trained team from Ukraine. Ukraine has a very high level of IT-development and in crypto industry. All team members have LinkedIn profiles.


The project has a verified roadmap, which has been strictly observed for two years. The implementation of the most interesting features – crypto betting – is assigned to Q3 2020. Full functionality will be provided in Q4, a year after the successful IEO on Probit with a hardcap of $ 12 M.


There is no doubt that TOR IOE will succeed in 5 days on the Probit exchange. The project is doomed to success, since it has long been in demand by the market and is supported by a team from Ukraine with brilliant qualifications.

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