Swapy Network – The solution for Universal Access to Credit

Swapy Network is a decentralized protocol that aims to connect the various participants within the financial industry: (i) borrowers, (ii) creditors, (iii) insurers, (iv) data producers, (v) data consumers, and others. With Swapy Network, individuals and/or companies are able to offer or consume services and collaborate within the ecosystem to decrease the prices of financial services, all the while being more inclusive of new entrants in the financial industry. The fees to operate in Swapy Network will be charged in Swapy cryptographic tokens (SWAPY). This way, token holders will have access rights to use the Swapy Network, benefiting from and contributing to it, and receiving tokens in exchange.

Swapy Network combines a decentralized protocol with a suite of three integrated applications. Swapy Exchange connects international investors from countries where the interest rates are lower to credit companies in countries where the interest rates are much higher. Swapy Financial ID empower individuals, giving them the right to a worldwide financial identity. Swapy DataMarket transforms user’s financial data into value for the data owners. Now, individuals will hold their own data and choose how much tokens they receive in exchange for it when they want to share, and for whom.

Swapy Network Benefits:

  • Reduced cost of capital on emerging nations
  • Better returns for lenders
  • Financial identity valid worldwide
  • Individuals have the rights and reap the value of their own data
  • Easily accessible and lower cost financial data source
  • Lower entry barriers for companies

Swapy Team:

  • Edmilson Rodrigues – Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder;
  • Túlio Braga – Chief technology officer & Co-founder;
  • Plinio Braga – Chief Design Officer & Co-founder;
  • Bruna Fiori – Chief Operating Officer;
  • Brunno Neves – Chief Financial Officer;
  • Adriel Santos – D’App Developer;
  • Luis Philipe – Solidity Developer;
  • Ícaro Harry – D’App Developer.

Main Advisors:

  • Tim Draper – Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ, and Draper University;
  • Don Tapscott – CEO of The Tapscott Group. Senior Advisor, World Economic Forum Chancellor, Blockchain Research Institute.

In February 2018 Swapy Network signed a partnership with Singularity University Ventures to impact billions.

ICO Details

The symbol of project’s token is SWAPY. The total supply of SWAPY is 100 mln tokens. Pre-ICO will be held from March,12th to April,12th. ICO will start on April,16th and last until May,16th. According to the White Paper, for the founders and employees there will be a mandatory vesting period of 1 year with a 6 months cliff. For early investors, partners and advisors, there will be a lock up period of 6 months before they can sell any token. For security reasons, all contributions will be received in Ethers. If the token purchaser has fiat money or other cryptocurrency, he/she will have to exchange it to Ether in their favorite exchange. The hardcap is $30million USD.

For more information about this project you can go to the following:
The official website

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