Technical analysis does not see Bitcoin (BTC) above $ 14 K

Today, even the most cautious experienced traders are confident that the bearish trend has changed to a bullish one.

Tone Vays, who calls himself a derivatives trader, an analyst and the “last bear on the market”, said that he finally changed his mind after bitcoin broke through the $12 K. Now he sees it at $14 K:

“We have broken the three prior swing lows. That’s a very good sign. There’s only one left. There’s only one hurdle to go and that’s the top at $13,880 – and the four-hour chart closed pretty much in that area.”

Josh Rager, a trader and investor who does not provide financial advice, but successfully monetizes his competencies, agrees with Tone Vays. He states that by the end of the month we will see a record of the year. And the trend will remain bullish if bitcoin overcomes the mark of $ 13,863.

We can only admire such confidence and accuracy. Coistelegram does not dare to be as categorical and accurate. But in 5 days we see bitcoin at about $ 15K. And we also don’t give financial advice, giving the community a right to get our information, analytics and forecasts, but to act independently. And remember that no one has canceled the golden rule of successful investors:

– Do not do what they tell you. Do what they (traders) do.

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