TRON (TRX) and Tether (USDT) Offensive on All Fronts

The participants of cryptomarket with lack of stability are turning to stablecoins increasingly. Restless Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, decided to conduct partnership with leading stablecoin Tether.

10 + 7 = 3

It is this kind of merger formula that can be proposed based on the current market situation. TRX is on the 10th place by capitalization, Tether – on the 7th. And TRON will become the third blockchain for stablelocoin, after Bitcoin and Ether. Although after the partnership, it is most likely that the market position of both coins will change for the better.

USDT on TRON standard (TRC-20) will be launched in the second quarter. Stablecoin will therefore support the TRON platform and all apps on it. The same Tether on the ERC-20 standard supports all applications on the Ethereum, as it is easy to guess.

But the question is – does it supports? Tether Limited did not pass the audit to confirm the availability of funds in USD to ensure the total volume of issued tokens. There was only indirect confirmation of this “creditworthiness”. For a while, Tether even experienced banking problems. Now it is serviced by a little-known bank from the Bahamas Deltec Bank.

Restless Justin Sun, out of habit, tried to get everything possible from the news about the partnership. There are not only statements about an important step towards financial decentralization. The head of the Tron Foundation also addressed the institutionalists once again – Are you worrying about your big money because of the volatility? Would you like a stablecoin? Here’s a stablecoin! Welcome!

And he has achieved a good result. With the news, as it should be, the TRX rate has risen, and quite a lot, from 0.0211 to 0.023 (almost 10%). Perhaps this is the whole partnership potential for TRON. Although Justin Sun, of course, will repeat the verbal intervention after the launch of USDT on TRON blockchain. And, perhaps, will get another 10%.

Looks like it is time for Buterin to start worrying. The TRON platform is becoming more and more like Ethereum and is likely to take over some market share from it – this is already obvious.

34 replies on “TRON (TRX) and Tether (USDT) Offensive on All Fronts”

Everyone is talking about Tether now and comments are not always positive. But it looks like the coin doesn’t suffer a lot from them.

Tether will become stronger, experts say that the modern crisis is only an opportunity to come back stronger

well the protection of tether is the main priority for the market now, we have all seen what could happen if some fake journalists start blaming it in different illegal activities

we need to protect the market from such assaults by different medias if we want to have the same stable market

I wonder how much does it cost to but a journalist or a department of journalists – seems like someone has done it to hurt USDT

Tether works really good and I don’t see any disadvantages. What’s wrong with the media? How could they write such a nonsense?

If you like Tether work and haven’t faced any problem during using then support Tether instead of arguing here

usdt has been growing and the trend won’t be changed – the results are quite satisfying

wow this Tether sure gets a lot of media time these days, I guess i gotta learn more about this coin since I don’t see a reason for anyone to focus on it so hard, its just a solid stablecoin afaik, nothin more

I really tried to imagine my trades without Tether but it’s damn hard, the coin has proven itself as one of the most reliable coins ever existing

Tether is not going to give up and I think they’ll find some way out. The time will bring order to the situation.

I feel that Tether could use TRON’s assistance now especially, the two can rly come to understand over what they can offer each other

Tether stats are on the rise it seems, Tron might actually gain quite a lot from supporting the coin, I can see it happen

I can understand those investors who don’t stop with USDT – in facts, all Tether’s duties are accomplished. Frankly, I use it also now with no problems.

usdt is still one of the leading coins despite the fake words thrown to it by the rivals and media

think Tether can find some other serious partners like TRON in this summer, that would be interesting to follow

yea right now seems to be a nice time to invest into Tether, TRON should consider that option imo

well, tron’s assistance is something that can help tether out a lot, so it’d definitely be welcome

USDT and Tron belong together in my opinion, they already have a good relationship so no reason to change that

USDT’s been treating its partners well over the years, so TRON should definitely consider helping it out now, I imagine it’ll be rewarded for it appropriately

can Tether provide some fresh news that might freshen up discourse and stuff? the related platform seems to have done that and mb the coin needs to do smth of the sort as well

That’s sad that USDT/TRON had to appear in such a bad times for crypto but maybe it will fix something

Finally the market is moving forward but not regressing, who now can say that the market feels better without usdt/tron hm?

and so even though this crisis is still recent, the market moves on as if nothing happened, I hope Tether can pull off the same trick – the users gotta be happy if it does

looks like Tether’s on the rise again – a few new deals, triumph over Bitcoin once again, i was right to keep watching this coin its got some interesting stuff to offer

pleasant to know that tether will continue leading the coins, I was worrying about its’ previous positions

Yes, tether is still used by many of us and recently we’ve got exhaustive proof of this tendency – the volumes reached the maximum once again.

well i can state with certainty that Tether doesnt let me grow bored, it keeps providing some new stuff to be entertained with…

the stats that Tether showcases now are rrly enjoyable to see, the coin will be able to stay ahead of its rivals with little issues at this rate

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