Unboxing a Blockhain based ADAMANT Messenger

We have previously written about ADAMANT as one of the first Blockchain apps.

So summing up that article, it is worth noting that ADAMANT is a truly anonymous and protected messenger working fully on a Blockchain and offer its’ users with a large functionality (ADAMANT for individuals with a full range of basic and additional messenger features; ADAMANT Business, allowing to send documents and digitally sign them directly in the chat), including integrated payment system with the ability to send tokens within the chat window.

Maximum safety is ensured by the fact that all information and message history is not stored on the device and is not transmitted to the messenger servers, but is stored directly in the Blockchain. Maximum anonymity is ensured by the fact that for user’s identification only the messenger wallet is used (no binding to mobile phone, email address or account in social network). Moreover, the ADAMANT Messenger does not request an access to the user’s telephone book, camera, microphone, location, recordings unlike other messengers.

And here is a new story about ADAMANT Messenger project. Now we’d like to show some features of the application.

In our testing, we tried some Progressive Web Application version. You can find it on ADAMANT website.

экрана 2018-02-21 в 19.27.48

Then you go through link, messenger start page is opened.

экрана 2018-02-21 в 19.09.19

Here you can choose one of the 5 interface languages and Login. When you press Create new, the message appears.

экрана 2018-02-21 в 19.36.30

It has two buttons, copy and download .txt version of your password (by the way, it is called passphrase). It is quite easier to remember than simple long password, because it consists of words, not connected by common sense, but still. You should remember, save or write down this passphrase, because you have no ability to recover it if lost.

As you enter the application, you see a very simple and convenient interface with 3 tabs and logout button.

On the first «Wallet» tab you see your address (you tell it to others who want to write you in messenger), your ADM balance (you can send others ADM tokens via messenger and you should pay per tokens sent), and two buttons to «Click to send tokens» and «invest in ADAMANT ICO».

экрана 2018-02-21 в 20.10.07

On chats tab you see your chats and can write anyone. To write someone you need to know his/her address.

экрана 2018-02-21 в 20.16.25

On settings tab you can change language settings and turn on/off logging out when closing the tab.

экрана 2018-02-21 в 20.19.47

So, lets sum up.

Positive moments about ADAMANT 

  • It is so encrypted that you can’t even recover your account
  • It has very simple and easy to use design of interface
  • It has cryptocurrency integrated in it, so you can not only talk anonymously, but even pay
  • You don’t need to download an application to use messenger (but guys already have a test version, you just need to click on links on website)

The Russian team is realizing the ADAMANT project during 2017 – 2018, and at the moment has already achieved the following results:

  • Web browser applications, PWA for Android, a demo-version for the iOS are released
  • The “live” network MainNet and test TestNet are created and due to the open source code everyone interested can develop the ADAMANT’s node
  • The commission of ADAMANT network for sending messages is reduced: from the beginning it was 0.005 ADM, and now with updating of network, it is equal to 0.001 ADM (it can be close to zero when the infrastructure becomes stable)
  • The project has already reached SoftCap and collected $500,000 during the Pre-ICO period
  • The project’s team realized a great Bounty and Referral programs due to which anyone can support the project with attractive terms
  • Now (from January 30 till March 30) ICO is held for investors in 4 stages, during each of them buyers are offered a favorable price of token (from 0.002 ETH to 0.005 ETH depending on the ICO stage)

Follow ADAMANT project on their official website. More detailed information about the project and its technical part can be found in the white paper.


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