New information about one of top projects. See our review “Perlin (PERL) ICO: Most Wanted Project Starts Private Sale”.

Coinstelegram Rating was (and still is) High.

As it was mentioned in our review and by now – Perlin is in stealth mode. That stealth may be interpreted as a trick for hype only. Due to that stratagem “over the past few weeks, Perlin has managed to garner significant interest, and as such, the community has been eagerly awaiting the release of our whitepaper.” To say truth, community eagerly awaiting another data – because till now no info about token sales was provided. It was claimed only: “We have a very limited private sale for strategic investors who can help us build a more robust Perlin Network, and as such, we are currently partnering with some of the largest enterprises around the world”.


But we were searching diligently yet for tokenomics data that community eagerly awaiting in fact. And we found. Enjoy!

Sales metrics

Seed Sale: Token price of 4c with 12 month vesting. Pre-White Paper, 1 person team, Telegram community of 0, no development or tech, no partners.

Strategic Sale: Token price of 12c with 6 month vesting. Draft White Paper, 3 person team, Telegram community of 300, 3 months of tech dev

Private Sale: Token price of 20c with 3 month vesting. Draft White Paper 2.0, 10 person team, Telegram community of 27,000, 5 months of tech dev, 3 separate independent code reviews with high marks, nearly 100 partners and token purchasers.

All data in one Table:

ROUND ETH Raised ETH RATE ($USD PEG) $USD Raised Token price Tokens sold
Seed 750 $800 $600 000 $0,04 15 000 000
Strategic 40 000 $650 $26 000 000 $0,12 216 666 667
Private 40 000 $500 $20 000 000 $0,20 100 000 000
Crowd 7 500 $700 $5 250 000 $0,25 21 000 000
TOTAL 88 250   $51 850 000   352 666 667


We couldn’t reveal our sources of information, but we obtain it legally.

By the way, many advanced experts guessed about Perlin tokenomics. Some of these guesses are coexisting with our investigation:

  • Total tokens supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Available for token sale: 32%–35%
  • Estimate ETH raised:
  • Seed: 500–750 ETH (ETH peg at $800)
  • Strategic : 37,500–40,000 ETH (ETH peg at $600–650)
  • Private: 40,000 ETH (ETH peg at $450–500), 3 months lock-up
  • Crowd sale: 5,000–7,500 ETH (ETH peg at $700)

It is mention by experts from community that be cancelled due to some VC interest.

As we claimed several times, VC and institutional investors are continuing to show growing interest towards crypto. It is a trend.

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