Vladislav Steshenko: “Cryptocurrency is a risky Ponzi scheme”

Vladislav Steshenko entered cryptocurrency after he had been involved in multi-level marketing, MLM. He became established businessman, with a fabulous and superb achievements. At the age of 20 he already had a very successful experience in creating network industry structures; and earned over $ 100 K. At 22, he was awarded the most prestigious award in the network industry, the so-called MLM Oscar. At 24, he became a dollar millionaire. Today, Vladislav Steshenko is completely focused on cryptocurrencies, heads a large team, leads a school where he teaches people to earn money in cryptocurrency market.

– In Your experience, are cryptocurrency market and multi-level marketing close concepts?

– Let’s say my acquaintance with cryptocurrency occurred due to MLM, which I have been involved for more than 10 years. My background included creating network of more than 45 thousand people. For this achievement I received the MLM-Oscar in Almaty. Now in MLM, cryptocurrency themes prevail over the rest themes. This is an obvious trend, and other projects that have recently been popular are no longer interesting. Main things are connected with cryptocurrencies. It can be wallets or trading – “miracle trading”, which brings “miracle interest”. My considerable experience entitles me declare that all these themes must be perceived wisely. You should never forget that they are risky, kind of Ponzi scheme (“pyramid”), and they can end in one day. If you come from that right position like mine, then you can work and earn.

– How do You perceive MLM in connection with crypto?

– Any MLM project has a legend, for example, a token, which for some reason has to rise. I treat this as a legend and in same way I recommend these projects. Including for the audience and followers.

– The network of 45 thousand people you created is a mega corporation. What is the goal when creating such networks?

– The goal is always the same – to gather supporters and to coach them how to make money. One of my first projects was called StarEx, then there was rebranding. Now our team is called Digital Nation. With many of supporters we act together for many years.

– Many people are willing to coach, but not everyone succeeds. You succeed for sure. What are You paying attention to?

– First of all, all themes should be properly perceived, treated reasonable and with understanding that everything in this activity is a risk and a pyramid. If you approach from the position that this is a game – a big game with big stakes – and you know when to withdraw profits, then you have an opportunity to earn money. But if a person is determined that any “miracle company” will make him a millionaire with his $ 100 contributions, then, of course, he will lose. Our position is exactly as I stated – to speak people the truth. We are talking people about risks, so they can earn in our team. I have many partners in the “first line” who have already earned 100, 200 thousand dollars and more.

– How do You feel about the mutual influence of cryptocurrency and fiat money?

– I love fiat money; we need them to fix profits. Now MLM is very closely connected with cryptocurrency, but nobody has canceled real fiat money, real estate. If you like to say “cryptocurrency is our everything, and fiat money is dying off”, then refresh in memory that we have already passed this. Bitcoin coasted 20 thousand dollars, after that it was at 3 thousand dollars.

– How do You consider the current rally? Do You have a forecast?

– I avoid forecasting, in cryptocurrency forecasts are the shot in the dark, I never do that. I see the mood, that cryptocurrency goes upward. But there may be corrections along the way. Now my main capital is in cryptocurrency. If all my money is in crypto, I admit that it must rise. But when and to what level – I do not make such forecasts.

– One of the main projects You have invested in is Cloud Token. Meanwhile, in the cryptocurrency community there is a wary attitude towards altcoins beyond Top-5 or Top-10. What attracts You to Cloud Token?

– Let’s start with the fact that Cloud Token is not an altcoin, it couldn’t be bought on the exchange, you cannot buy it separately. You can only earn it by passive income or earn by referral program. Actually, this is a token project, or you can call it “MLM project”. Therefore, this token is highly risky, but there is also a potential for big profits. Well-known is its counterpart, Plus Token, cryptocurrency wallet, which was created more than a year ago. There the price of token has risen more than 200 times. Cloud Token has not yet risen; the rise is only 50%. Therefore, there is a chance that the project can go the way of Plus Token and enrich its investors. But this is inaccurate. 🙂

– Would You please provide some details?

Cloud Token is a wallet in which you invest cryptocurrency, that means you transfer it in a trust. There is a robot Jarvis (Hi to Stark!) that (according to the legend) trades and generates a profit of 6 to 12% per month. Recently, Ronald Aai the founder of the project showed live how Jarvis works. At that time trading volumes are over $ 100 million.


Profit is accrued daily in tokens. Tokens can be converted to Ethereum or accumulate for rise. The token is not traded on the exchanges. The very mechanics of the project are such that it will not be traded anywhere.

– Besides investing, what else do you do?

– I have created and manage the Telegram channel, where I give people information on signals, recommendations on certain coins. There is another one channel where I provide information on Cloud Token and I share my results. By the way, in Cloud Token alone I reached the level of income more than $ 1,300 per day. Well, the person decides for himself if this theme is interesting to him and then he enters Cloud Token or not. Following the link one goes to a step-by-step instruction about the project, risks, to all the necessary information for making an independent decision.

In essence, I am doing what I have been doing all the previous 10 years in MLM, what I know well and what I do well.

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