Well, to innovation! Endpass vs MEW

MyEtherWallet was probably the first wallet of any investor who deals with Ethereum or ERC20 standard tokens. MEW is definitely a good platform. But life does not stand still. User requirements for usability, interface, and security are increasing. The new Endpass wallet is declared as a worthy and timely response to these increased requirements. To check and make sure – it is enough to try both wallets – MEW and Endpass.

It should be noted that MEW appeared in 2015 on the Ethereum blockchain. The market situation was different – ‘much calmer’, as they say. And security requirements were less strict. Yes, and user interface requirements not so high. The whole cryptocurrency industry was very different from what it is now. Therefore, MEW and Endpass wallets differ much. When developing Endpass, the increased market and user requirements and all new trends were taken into account.

  1. Fast instant opening – very fast access to the wallet. If you do not install two-factor authentication – access to the wallet is done in seconds via E-mail.
  2. The ability to easily handle stuck or unconfirmed transactions. The number of stuck transactions is growing – because the total user activity is growing. In Endpass it is easy and simply to fix it. You can either cancel the unconfirmed transaction, or resend it.
  3. Automatic Gas. Properly selected Gas will ensure quick execution of transactions. In Endpass, you can choose between low, medium and high rates without bothering with specific values that will be set automatically.
  4. Higher speed. The description of the wallet does not mention this, but in practice you notice that Endpass quickly updates information about transactions. And the balance is quickly updated – especially when compared with MEW. In MEW, this information changes noticeably longer.
  5. Last, but not least – a convenient and intuitive interface. No unnecessary information, all the necessary information is in the focus of attention. The controls are also visible.


Endpass is a new generation wallet, designed to meet the increasing user and security requirements. When developing it, the user’s practice of other wallets, like MEW, was taken into account, with the intention of eliminating flaws and inconveniences. New functions are implemented that are dictated by a more developed market. The wallet is decentralized, open source – no unpleasant surprises await you. It is especially convenient for bounty hunters. If to compare with MEW, Endpass is much more effective, because tokens do not have to be added manually – they are automatically displayed in the wallet.

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