When to Sell BTT?

Perhaps today is just the last day to sell BTT at good price!

Good old Pump & Dump!

The rise of the BitTorrent token (BTT) surprised even sophisticated speculators. Some who missed the ICO and underestimated the coin – now haunts thenselves and criticize BTT – they say its time is passed. Others, noticing the take-off, have tried to buy already on highs. The question is what to do now? How long will these highs last and where can BTT fly to?

Crypto-speculators missed the times of the pump&dump, when in a matter of days – and sometimes hours – it was possible to double and sometimes even multiply the capital. Glorious days! Perhaps it was on this lyrical note of good memories that ICO BitTorrent (BTT) passed. The story is fast and beautiful!

Meantime, while we are yakking and looking around – Justin Sun does his job! And each discussion plays in its favor, as well as in favor of the TRX token of the TRON platform and the newborn BTT. No wonder Justin Sun occupies a high position in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 Asia – the top thirty Asian entrepreneurs. Some compare him with Jack Ma. Before TRON, Justin Sun became famous as the CEO of Peiwo, chinesse Snapchat. This is an audio streaming with 10M users. After launching his TRON decentralized universal platform, Justin Sun added the option to pay with TRX tokens in Peiwo. But it was TRON that became his life’s work. On this platform, he builds a decentralized Internet and threatens to undermine the monopoly of the giants Facebook and Google on the distribution of entertainment content. And he is trying to do it just with the help of BitTorrent.

To shear a sheep twice

In pursuit of his goal, Justin Sun follows an iron rational strategy. And at the same time, in the best traditions of masterful marketing, Justin Sun manages to skim the cream several times from one event. Having created a platform, he began to search for the user base. It was rumored that he tried to cooperate with Twitter. But he changed his mind in time and had chosen BitTorrent with its 100 M users. Already the announcement of the purchase has created hype, which waves went into community.

Intense discussions started — what for? For example, there was this version: to use the collective computing power of hundreds of millions of BitTorrent users! And this was claimed by serious expert Ashwin Navin, the CEO of Samba TV, a service for measuring TV-audience. Justin Sun mysteriously smiled, and the TRX on the news has grown significantly. This was the first time. The second growth was expected when BitTorrent (BTT) was announced. True, TRX has not grown on this news. But the ICO BTT was held in the best traditions of the beginning of last year – that is, with great success. Token incredibly is quickly listed by exchanges (KuCoin), and at the maximum it had 8x from the price of ICO. Justin Sun continued to smile mysteriously.

So when to pour BTT, anyway?

Experienced crypto speculators are now very careful. Even those who managed to get into BTT on time are unlikely to keep a coin in their portfolio for a long time. Pump & Dump! Maybe it’s time to sell? But some have doubts – maybe hold it? And there is something to doubt! The iron logic comes through in the actions of Justin! Suddenly he still has trumps up his sleeve? After all, it was the thought to pay out to the “pirates” who remain on the BitTorrent distribution– the TRX bonus! This has not yet been on the Internet. And who said that buying BitTorrent is just marketing and some kind of customer base? This is stated by observers from the American segment, where the fight against piracy has really led to the fact that the popularity of torrents has fallen dramatically – up to 3% of traffic. Here are some statistics Netflix offers:

From the chart it is clear that the share of Netflix and Youtube has been growing for several years. Torrents and Facebook are falling. But Netflix takes considerable money from users. And YouTube takes 40% of the cost from content authors. And besides, in other regions – the situation is different!

It is possible and quite likely that Justin Sun plans to develop TRON on these lands. He has already established partnership with leading Chinese services – Alibaba and Weibo (Chinese Twitter).

So it means – not to sell?

No answer. BTT conducts a large-scale, long-lasting airdrop campaign. The total number of BTT tokens in circulation should reach 990 billion. They are known to be released on the TRON platform according to the TRC-10 standard. As for the TRON itself, then at the end of 2018 the number of transactions in the network reached 100 M. Justin Sun has repeatedly stated that the speed in the TRON network is 200 times higher than in the Ether network. But at the same time, Stellar’s founder Jed McCale, for example, called TRON a shit project. But Stellar is, consider, the daughter of Ripple. And Justin Sun worked in the Chinese division of Ripple. Now TRON surely keeps in the top ten leading coins by capitalization and is growing steadily. But how long this pump will be lasted?

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