Would like to promote ICO? Ask me – how! Experts, part 1

Competition is growing rapidly in the ICO and crypto market. The time has come when just a good idea and a good team are not enough for the project to receive the necessary support, enough to be successful and continue development. We have selected a series of recommendations from disparate sources that fit into the framework of the Coinstelegram Media’s strategy for this work.

Part 1. In the media!

You must have a press – this is not contested. But the budget of the puff pieces always makes a barrier. And this format in the current media environment is no longer effective. There are simple ways to solve a problem – and for free! Interesting? The floor to an unnamed expert:

– You have to get in the media sunshine and be not only on the site, but somewhere else in the third media. There are groups in social media created by lazy journalists, which are directly brought to journalists, and to the most famous media, because the laziest journalists work there. They are always happy to get experts, especially in such a hot topic as crypto. It is enough for you to find yourself – and you will not fight off! It is enough to join such a group and choose an author and a program. And by the way, it’s not even necessary to have a strictly profile topic, it can also come up about startups, about technologies, not exactly about your subject matter – it doesn’t matter. You just need to go to the telly and that’s it!

As a rule, journalists enjoy to rely on the authority of experts. And they provide the name, position, project or company, and even give a subtitle.

We will continue a series of tips from experts on the promotion of startups. And remember – Coinstelegram Media is an effective partner of startups and ICO, with the authoritative site coinstelegram.com, Coinstelegram Fund Investors Club and lively thematic channels in social media.

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