Would Like to Promote Your ICO? Ask Me – How! Experts, Part 2

We continue a series of recommendations on advertising and promoting startups, ICO and TGE as a part of Coinstelegram Media strategy (part 1 is here).

Part 2. Personal PR

There is no need to emphasize the importance of personal PR and personal brand for the ICO success. This is a significant – or even the most important – component of the project promotion. Everyone wants personal brand, but not everyone knows how to build it. Here is one opinion:

– It is necessary to read a good book from the category of personal growth! Such as “How to wake up famous and rich”, “System of monetization of a personal brand” or “At last famous”.

Indeed, such books as Brand You 50, by Tom Peters or The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield give food for thought and change the direction of thoughts in the right direction. It’s better if the book was not a low-grade compilation “based on the materials from the Internet”, but written by a professional coach, consultant with practical experience. Unfortunately, there are few such books, mostly handicrafts are published, ordered by publishers to unknown “writers” – in order to use market conditions.

But whay for is that personal growth theme? Well, work on yourself is always positive in any case. But there is a completely practical value of such knowledge. Such “textbooks of life” set a certain template for the presentation of a personal brand. In fact, they give a hint how to make it done.

Brand is formed by the basic concepts, plus actions and achievements.

  1. Biography

Your biography is for sure basic concept. The most common mistake is to present your biography as a Cinderella story: you worked a lot, struggled with circumstances, demonstrated the best human qualities, and then received an award for all your work and hardships. Through the prism of PR, such a biography format is unproductive, even if it fully corresponds to your personality and life path. If only because such a biography requires talent no less than that of Charles Perrot. There is another way, no less spectacular, but more realistic: reduce your biography to numbers only. By the way, such a telegraph style is increasingly corresponding to the crypto community. Experts sometimes even exaggerate:

– Your biography should consist only of numbers, and this is the coolest one! Five years of education, then ten years – a profession, thousands of satisfied customers, thousands more of specific achievements, etc. The numbers should make a progression – it always looks impressive and amazing.

Plus humor, funny figures and facts will not hurt either: the money earned on the project would be enough to cover the football field, or during the development of the MVP, 10K cups of coffee were drunk out and so on.

  1. Own book

After reading the guide on personal growth, you may feel that you can write a similar book. Do not refuse this feeling! This is what you need for a personal brand! The infrastructure of providing such services is already well developed – your book may appear in a few days. Some people say that in a couple of days you can get a translation into the desired language and put the book for sale on Amazon! The secret of the book being sold today is complete frankness. Books like “The whole truth about …” are sold quite well, even if it’s a hard truth – about your failures, mistakes, etc. – which you have overcome. And even about those that you have not overcome. How you were deceived, how you became a victim of Russian hackers, or how you almost became a target for GRU agents. A catchy title ensures that the book will be sown in social networks. On the other hand, let it be truthful – all what you write. The harsh, unpleasant truth is in short supply today – and this will make you famous.

We will continue this series of expert advices on advertising and promotion of startups and ICO. And do not forget that Coinstelegram Media is a proven partner of startups and ICO, with the authoritative site coinstelegram.com, Club of Investors (Coinstelegram Fund) and thematic channels in social media.

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