Be careful: Fraudsters use the name of Coinstelegram co-founder

Yesterday, Alexander Belov, Coinstelegram Media & Coinstelegram Fund Co-founder, announced that a fake account appeared on Instagram that completely copies Alexander’s profile.

By reading the correspondence sent by users that have already talked to scammers, their goals become clear. Using the name of the co-founder of the Coinstelegram investment fund, unknown persons are going to write to investors and representatives of the crypto community, presumably in order to receive money.

For communication scammers use English and Ukrainian. It is noteworthy that their Ukrainian is most likely written using the automatic text translation service, as it contains words and expressions that are inappropriate for the context.

Alexander Belov’s profile is open, and his username is @ alex_belov13. Fraudsters use a private profile with username @ alex_belov113. We ask all readers, clients, and investors of Coinstelegram, as well as friends of Alexander, to be careful not to fall for the trick.

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