South Carolina blockchain conference

Charleston, S.C. – PalmettoChain Inc., South Carolina’s blockchain initiative, will present the inaugural week-long South Carolina Blockchain Conference in Columbia and Charleston.

The conference will be held on March 13-14 as part of a first-ever South Carolina Blockchain Week. The beginning of Blockchain Week will consist primarily of outreach to South Carolina lawmakers in Columbia, S.C., and will end with a two-day event in Charleston, featuring world-class speakers, authorities, and entrepreneurs. For the up-to-date information visit,
The South Carolina Blockchain Conference will showcase enterprise and government applications of blockchain technologies, along with innovative supply chain, transportation, warehousing, government transparency, identity protection, and digital asset management solutions. It will also include discussions on cryptocurrency, payment platforms, smart contracts and how blockchain eliminates middlemen, re-humanizes commerce and influences cybersecurity in a digital society.
Blockchain is a transformative technology on par with the Internet. It challenges legacy structures and existing paradigms, including antiquated legal frameworks and traditional commercial networks. Consequently, the South Carolina Blockchain Conference welcomes legal, regulatory and government stakeholders into the entrepreneur’s ecosystem in order to bring collaborative, cutting-edge solutions to the market. As a flourishing, tech-enabled port city, Charleston’s long history of innovation provides a unique geographical perspective on solving 21st-century challenges from supply chains to good governance, manufacturing to social improvement and education.
South Carolina Blockchain Week is a part of PalmettoChain’s plan to foster closer ties between industry, academia, software developers, investors, regulators, lawmakers and leaders of all backgrounds to jumpstart South Carolina’s digital economy and incubate blockchain initiatives at all levels throughout the Palmetto State.

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PalmettoChain Inc., founded in 2018, is a non-profit professional association that began as a grassroots group of blockchain enthusiasts who believe individuals, businesses and state and local governments in South Carolina can benefit from blockchain technology. This technology, combined with other emerging technologies, will create efficiencies that were once unimaginable. PalmettoChain envisions a state-owned blockchain utility that will one day become a tool for governments and businesses in South Carolina to better serve its citizens.

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