Technogenic Revolution Changes World Order: Are You Ready?

We passed all the ordeal in 2020: coronavirus, crisis, conflicts, economic downturn, the collapse of the most ambitious projects, and the birth of new ones. And now, the world has once again found itself on the verge of global changes that can make it unrecognizable for the fourth time.

This year began with disturbing news and each person realized the greatest danger: survival. People began to unite and try to get out of this situation together, by common efforts, knowledge and skills – the Collective Intelligence. It was on this principle that the first DAOs were formed in the digital space.

For centuries, society has been compared to a large organism. And like every organism, we are sick, we endure difficulties and hardships, but we want to believe that we will recover and become stronger if we act together!

This time, we have before us a serious shake-up for the whole organism called Humanity, which will affect the lives of everyone. Now we are all on the verge of the 4th Industrial so-called “Technogenic” revolution. And all the recent shocks only accelerated this process, showing the weakness of the traditional system and its inability to overcome these serious problems. The whole of 2020 turned out to be nothing more than a threshold of entry into a new reality that is ready to overwhelm us and change everything we are used to. You are ready? Then fasten your seat belts and go!

A new reality before our eyes

How do you imagine the New World? AI triumph, flying cars, smart cities, cybernetic implants, globalization? When you look back, you realize that all this happened a long time ago, and only continues to evolve every year. But are these the changes that we have been waiting for?

Our answer is Decentralization! Only decentralization can truly change the world order, which has been forming for millennia and is going through a serious crisis right before our eyes. And we, as people of the New World, welcome the first steps of the Digital, Technogenic revolution, which will soon be marching solemnly along every street of our planet!

Corporations, business people, governments, banks, and foundations are realizing the enormous potential of digital decentralized technologies. World leaders and influencers are paying more and more attention to what we have supported and developed over the past 11 years. Since the moment when the first block of the first cryptocurrency was generated on January 3, 2009. It was destined to forever change our understanding of finances, security, value, and even about Information.

This is a very special time for us as the dTV community. We have been broadcasting live for 10 months! 10 months of hard work, 10 months of achievements, and conquest of new heights. We are not yet at Guinness World Records, but with our work, our professionalism, our charisma, and your support, we have created a real professional television!

We invite everyone who has already been with us and everyone who learned about us for the first time – join the online event “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on dTV under bar D“, which takes place from December 21 to 26 on the ThinkTank Community channel. We have gathered all our speakers, participants, fans, and viewers for a big show, where we discuss the most important and relevant events that are happening right now in the world of decentralization.

We believe that people united by one goal can change the world! Therefore, we call upon experienced, smart, thinking, and open-minded people to unite with us into one big Collective Intelligence in order to move to the next stage of the evolution of Mankind!

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