Teeka Tiwari – «2020 will be the year of altcoins, they will probably outperform Bitcoin by growing up to 100x»

On January 22, at World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Coinstelegram Co-Founder Alexander Belov (also known as Alex White) spoke with Teeka Tiwari – founder of Palm Beach Confidential and one of the leading crypto analysts in the world.

Palm Beach Confidential is not just a newsletter with investor recommendations. This is one of the areas of Palm Beach Research Group, which is a cryptocurrency service for evaluating profits and a reasonable investment. Teeka Tiwari uses an “asymmetric investment” strategy that turns small amounts into serious capital

Alexander asked him several questions, the most interesting of which we will share with you in this article:

How did the idea of Palm Beach Confidential came to you?

 Originally I thought Bitcoin was a kind of scam, but then I made a deeper dive and understood that it is a real thing. In 2016 I already thought that Bitcoin was just going to change the world. Then I discovered that people who don’t have a technical degree have no idea how this class of assets works. And I figured out this great opportunity to write about cryptocurrencies, but to do it in such a way that everyone can understand.  That’s why I decided to create this newsletter which is confidential and make it just about cryptocurrency. Now it has become the largest cryptocurrency newsletter in the world. We helped thousands of people to make money – it is what I am incredibly proud of.

Yeah, you analyzed so many altcoins and they showed such great results on market, how did you manage to predict their growth?

 Yes, it was a lot of work, a lot of trouble. Coming back to 2016 and 2017 – analysis was mostly based on the team and on the use cases. Nevertheless, now in 2020, everything is different. So now we of course also focus on the team, on the use case, but we are looking at what our partners are most interested in. I really focus more on projects that got an interest from a big partner. Because I think now we have entered the stage where companies have to be more real, projects have to be more real. Back in 2016, 2017 you could just have a good idea and it would attract 5 million dollars. That’s not true anymore, now we have to have a good idea, to have good partnerships and to have real users interested in product.

I see. We have quite many subscribers interested in trading. What is your opinion about Bitcoin halving? Any idea about altcoins season, are we going to see altcoins boom again?

 Yeah, I think we have already seen that now in January 2020. Bitcoin was outperforming all coins during the last year.  But this year we already see altcoins come back. In my opinion 2020 is going to be a huge year of cryptocurrency, but it is gonna be the year of altcoins.  Last year was a kind of the bitcoin year, you know, (bitcoin) came back from dead, going to 13k – 14k. I suppose that this year we will see altcoins move in 13,14,15, 100 times up. I anticipate a very exciting time in 2020.

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