Cryptocurrency marketing agencies

The cryptocurrency space has expanded greatly over the past 2 years. There’s a growing list of new projects that are entering the industry every day, and all of them are seeking to be noticed by investors and the public.

Launching the ICO and gaining market recognition can be hard in this competitive environment, so marketing campaigns are essential. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency marketing agencies:


Crowdcreate is a Los Angeles-based marketing agency which deals with crypto marketing channels. They focus on branding, designing and video production, media management, influencer marketing, and PR outreach.

Their services are highly-rated, as for three years they have successfully helped over 40 crowdfunding campaigns in raising large amounts of money, by implementing a data-driven approach for each campaign.

Element Group

Element Group sees itself more than just a marketing agency, representing itself as a digital token sales company. The company delivers consultation, ICO marketing strategy, market research, technology, and asset management services.


Crynet is a full-service marketing agency. The agency offers a broad selection of marketing services for ICOs and blockchain-related businesses. These include video demos, blockchain development and tech support, blockchain HR, advisor support, SMM across all Social Media and Telegram, mobile and web promotions, search ads, and PR.

Crynet can reach the crypto-communities of Asia, as it has coverage even in Japan, Korea, and China.


WeRaise is a marketing agency that has activated in the digital advertising sector for more than 15 years. With 2 years of experience in blockchain solutions, they are among the first platforms to engage in ICO marketing.

They give their clients highly effective exposure by using banner advertisement, press releases, copywriting services, ad writing, campaign analytics and tracking 24/7, as well as targeted PR placement across a broad range of sites including Reddit, TokenData, CryptoNinjas, NewsBTC, The Merkle, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, and many others.


Sparkchain is an agency that helps startups and tech companies build their brand through public relations and integrated marketing programs. The agency features a wide set of services which include content and social development, programmatic distribution and other paid media methods, as well as data-driven insights used in strategic planning. The platform has helped both new projects and established companies by using comprehensive strategic communications, and marketing services.

The platform has successfully managed companies in their pre and post –ICO phase, helping them grow and achieve market recognition for their brand. Due to their results, they have become the partner of choice of many projects and businesses in their marketing campaigns.

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