Tips for writing press release that people actually want to read

The cryptocurrency market moves fast and features thousands of projects. It could potentially see millions more coming in the next few years. Projects are vying for the attention of the public and look for ways, such as press releases, to differentiate themselves. The following are some rules for writing a great crypto press release, the kind that readers really actually will want to look through.

Focused Headlines

A long-tail headline will distract readers. Headlines should be both focused and short (think 8-12 words) that convey a sense of importance and a curiosity in readers to read through the headline and into the article itself.

While there are complicated reasons for a press release to go out, the more focused a headline can be the easier it will be to rank in Google and get interested eyes on the page.

Informative Lede

After the headline, your lede – the first paragraph – should be full of all necessary information.

Your goal is to get pertinent information on the page while creating a feeling of enthusiasm for positive news, or seriousness for announcements of that type. It doesn’t need to be over the top in emotion (and sometimes shouldn’t be emotional at all), but it does need to cover bases in the article. A general rule should be that a reader can only read the lede and still get a good idea of what’s going on. The rest of the details can be in later paragraphs.

Edited For Grammar

Bad grammar and errors can distract readers away from the content and purpose of your article. Don’t let that happen.

Quality Graphics

Pictures matter for readers, especially if you want to differentiate your post from others. You’ll want to use quality graphics. This can include logos for companies or projects involved, but charts and graphs also help attract attention.

It’s tempting to make a new graphic for partnerships and announcements, but often times a known icon or picture will bring attention to a post.

Follow-up Information

Some readers will naturally want to know more about the announcement. Press releases should be short and to the point, but they should also allow curious parties to access more. Be sure to include information like project websites, chat channels, and social media pages. This will help your attentive readers stay informed.

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