The price forecast of the crypto-currency Ester Zero (ETZ)

Can we now predict the cost of EtherZero’s hardware? Actually, we can. Having carried out extrapolation with the behavior of the forks of bitcoins known to us, and also using the announced information about ETZ.

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The first bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash) had a starting cost of about 1/10 from the parent. A few months later, it proved to be quite good and its price soared to $4000 – up to a quarter of the cost of bitcoin.

Considering the current exchange rate of 1,300 dollars, it is possible with a high degree of probability to assume the initial price of the Zero Ester is $100-200, with its subsequent growth to $300-500.

It is unlikely that this amount will be higher, because nothing revolutionary EtherZero offers us anything. The same mining algorithm, almost the same block time and reward. There are definitely certain improvements, but it’s more like cosmetics.

In truth, there is one amendment: the expensive etherium is kept until the moment of hardcore, on expectations to get free coins. As soon as this event is left behind, the old etherium will lose interest in the eyes of users and may fall below $1000. This scenario is quite possible, remember the Etherium Classic.

Of course, ETC was done with the aim of accidentally patching the vulnerability of the network, and now with the Ethereum network everything seems to be quiet.

Price Forecast EtherZero

Thus, in digital form our analysts assume the following picture:

Winter 2018 – $150

Spring 2018 – $250

Summer 2018 – $350

Autumn 2018 – $500

To buy etherium and get free tokens ETZ, to change them or to change them on the stock exchange – choose yourself. In any case, the new etherium on the wave of popularity of its ancestor will be quoted very well.

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To the note: Stephen Nerrayoff, one of the founders of Ethereum, believes that the growth in the number of projects built on crypto currency may allow Ethereum to bypass Bitcoin in 2018.

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