Cryptocurrency events on March 27

  • Trade Token (TIO) – questions and answers with Trade Token team;
  • Stratis (STRAT) – GLUON ICO on Stratis platform: Public Sale;
  • HTML5COIN (HTML5) – swapping HTML5 to HTML: ratio 3:1;
  • Peerplays (PPY) – questions and answers with Peerplays team on Reddit;
  • Dovu (DOVU) – questions and answers with Dovu team;
  • DECENT (DCT) – DECENT meetup will be held in 0100Campus, Bratislava, Slovakia;
  • Sociall (SCL) – the closed beta will be released (yesterday, on March 26 the release was postponed for March 27 because of the issues with launching the new beta environment);
  • Credits (CS) – trading on LBank;
  • Happycoin (HPC) – trading on

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