Emtech Investment meeting in Davos 20-22 January 2020: first-day recap: Sustainable Investments and Social Impact of Emerging Technologies

On January 20, Monday, the first day of the Emtech Investment Meeting 2020 was held. The meeting participants discussed the topics of innovation and technology in the field of sustainable financing, the problems of mass housing shortages and the implementation of EmTech. Institutional investors and funds, including i(x)Investments, IMAS, Private Equity & Infrastructure, MN, Willis Towers Watson, SUSI Partners AG, made presentations on important topics.

The first session of reports on the topic “Sustainable Investments” was started by Randy Norton, real estate and investment manager at Green Messa Capital, and Alexander Prokhorov, co-founder of MultiGreen, who presented the latest information “Transforming the Construction Process with Focus on Impact and Innovation”. 

Then, managers and owners of investment funds Sandro Salsano Ibrahim AlMogel, Ivan Ogilchin, Jeff W. Sullivan from Bellecapital AG and Heinz Blennemann discussed asset classes that affect private capital and generate income.

In the same discussion format, the question of the need for sustainable financing for institutional investors was raised, which was attended by Henrik Lundin, IMAS Fund Investment Director Henrik Lundin, i (x) Investments Investment Director Pyar Lindstrom, MN (AUM) portfolio manager Sebastian Runner, Carlos Sanchez, and Randy Norton of Green Mesa Capital. The first stage of the reports was completed by the founder of the GNation Foundation Sergey Sholom with the theme “Social ethical Network for impact ”.

After the break, the speakers shared information on the Social Impact of new technologies. Following the opening remarks by Christian Wipf, Youssef Hesuani, Managing Partner of VIVAX BIO / 3D Bioprinting Solutions, made a presentation “The Future of Healthcare and Food Industry”. The founder of “Gero” Peter Fedichev shared results of the Gero.AI company on rejuvenation and longevity.

Climate crisis options were discussed by David Solomon, CEO of Blueprints. Dan Patterson discussed “The synthetic media revolution” with Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI. The company is creating World’s most trusted synthetic media network and will also release the mobile app “Fake or Not”. This application will help to find fake information on the Internet.

The chance to complete the first day of the meeting was given to VIMANA CEO Evgenii Borisov, who revealed the keys to the potential emerging market for $ 3 trillion. VIMANA is building a data communication network, supported by its proprietary AAVs and blockchain nodes, once enabled will be Earth’s first truly ubiquitous communication and transaction infrastructure. Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs) and dynamic communication mesh are the future of aerial transportation, where peer-to-peer communication offers constant connectivity.

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