Fire Lotto: Instant Payouts Today

Fire Lotto – the world’s first decentralized lottery with Ethereum smart contracts ( Unlike other ICO projects, Fire Lotto (FLOT) has successfully fulfilled all obligations to investors and continues to develop the project for investor’s profit.

Since 1 Jan 2018 the company has launched 3 lotteries on its platform – 4 \ 20, 5 \ 36 and 6 \ 45. Next is the launch of an instant lottery based on the Fire Chain technology.

Why Fire Lotto is fair and successful lottery? The answer is simple. It does not use a platform from a single server. And so the lottery is fair, transparent and secure. The impact on the drawing is excluded by definition. It’s also impossible to ban it. Therefore, players around the world can play and win with no fear. Also important that Fire Lotto has a huge prize pool – 70% of the ticket price! There is no any other lottery with such a pool.

The development aims at greater convenience for players. And this attracts new users. It is easy to purchase a lottery ticket due to the platform is integrated with popular payment systems, both bank cards and digital wallets.

The partner network is also growing. Now more than 120 companies have integrated the Fire Lotto platform in their services. For them this means 50% of the platform’s revenue.

FLOT token is listed on 6 exchanges, token holders get payments every two months – as it was promised. Early investors receive payments in ETH. Token holders get the higher income, the more users join the platform. The number of users will increase after the offline ticket sale service with QR code will be launched through the network of kiosks.

Fire Lotto is now joined the elite of the global gaming industry and will be taking part in the largest gaming events – Global Gaming Expo, Las Vegas (, and Summit of iGaming, Malta ( .mt), meaning to get new partners and contracts.

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