Secret Party of Crypto-Investors Held in Singapore

This photo was taken in Singapore, in the most luxurious hotel of Marina Bay, where  recently, a closed meeting among crypto-millionaires and venture investors took place.

The topic of the meeting was the growing popularity of sharing economy and its tokenization. Crypto-enthusiasts could not ignore this very profitable new type of economy that is cut out for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Of course, there was a noisy, but very closed party with nude models, helicopters, and expensive champagne. Crypto-nouveaux riches are famous for their exotic antics and preferences in leisure. No wonder that the atmosphere at Marina Bay Hotel these days was much more fun than usual.

Apparently, a technological start-up, Syntera Sharing Coin, could manage to gather the sharks of crypto-business under the same roof. And if previously, enterprising and insolent people could make their fortune on real estate and production of popular goods and services, now a new trend that money can be made with cryptocurrency.

However, the age of the most powerful ones in this world has significantly decreased. This year, 30,000 newly minted millionaires made their fortune on cryptocurrencies, and most of them are still under 30! You will not find their names in Forbes, but this does not stop them from earning and losing millions of dollars a day.

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