Absolutely unique cooling method for mining is created in Russia

Immersion cooling system was invented by Evgueny Belov – Beeminer Group CTO. The most wondering thing about the invention is that mining system works inside special liquid.

Thanks to Beeminer’ reply we can assert that there are several advantages of immersion cooling. At first, there is absolutely no noise. What is even more important the system keeps mining in stable temperature conditions, what prolongs lives of mining gadgets. There is also no mess spoiling the process of mining. But main feature is that you can level up efficiency of mining. ASICs can produce from 20% – 30% more coins in comparison with simple air cooling systems.

Our redaction tried to clarify what is the liquid made from but Evgueby Belov kept all information about chemical characteristics in secret. As inventor also said, he is going to produce more complicated and advanced system very soon. So lets keep an eye on it!

Watch the videos about the advantages of Beeminer’ immersion cooling system!


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