Computing Power Tokens – A New Way to Invest

In recent weeks, the whole world has started talking about mining again. But this time with an alarm. A wave of bans and police raids on mining farms swept the world. China seems to have decided to get rid of an entire business niche. It is noteworthy that it was the Chinese miners that for a long time provided the largest share in the total bitcoin hash rate. Against the background of shortage of semiconductors and frightening prices for video cards and ASICs, mining is becoming more and more difficult. Especially for individuals who do not have millions of dollars in investment. So what do you do next?

GoMining token is the first cryptocurrency powered by real computing power in TH/s on the SHA-256 protocol. Essentially, GoMining offers a unique, workable alternative to miners and investors. Now, in order to make money on mining, you do not need to buy and regularly update expensive devices, both in terms of initial cost and maintenance.

GoMining owns all the necessary equipment that is involved in the ongoing process of maintaining the Bitcoin network. Data centers are located all over the world in order to diversify risks from the decisions of authorities in a particular country. Today, the capacity of GoMining devices reaches 182,000 TH.

What’s more interesting, everyone can take part in mining on GoMining devices and earn money on it.

The company has issued its own token, which is equal to the unit of the computing power of the devices that the company owns. By buying a GMT token, its owner joins Bitcoin mining, avoiding problems with choosing, buying, and setting up devices, and, accordingly, all the associated risks. 

The main differences between GMT and cloud mining:

1) With cloud mining the user is set to mine for a limited time. If you buy GMT – there is no time limit, you can own the token which is also involved in mining BTC for an unlimited period of time.

2) The supply capacity of the token itself grows. Every week half of the issued tokens are to be burned and redistribute the released capacity between other tokens. Not only the token value grows but the BTC income increases daily. 

As the computing power of the GoMining network grows, the emission of GMT tokens also increases. With each additional emission, активируется the mechanism of burning 20-100% * of new tokens, which leads to an increase in the profitability of GMT. As a result of the burning, the released computing power is redistributed among all GMTs in circulation, increasing the computing power that provides tokens. Hence, it increases mining income.

Why it is worth joining the project and trying the most profitable alternative to the classic mining approach:

Quick start. You no longer have to think about purchasing equipment, setting it up, maintaining and upgrading it. All of this is carried out by our service centers, and GMT holders do not have to worry about it.

High liquidity. Unlike the equipment, the token is a highly liquid asset. Its sale takes only a few minutes and at the same time it is not subject to wear and tear and does not require additional investment.

Double profitability. By investing in the token, you are investing not only in a growing exchange-traded asset, but at the same time in an asset that brings passive daily income. Such a token structure creates financial support for the investor in case of market volatility or provides additional income.

Daily income. The profit is paid out directly to the holder’s wallet from the pool. Accruals are conducted once daily at pool estimated time 00:00 GMT

To gain profit прямо сейчас you need to register an account on the website, provide your Ethereum and BTC wallet addresses, where the mining income will be accrued.

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