Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market. What is awaiting us and how to manage your money

No matter are you a bad trader or a professional, if you have crytocurrency in your investment portfolio, you have already started to panic. Or even got tired of panic.

The reality is that all coins are falling in price this year, But lets look at some positive points. For instance, imagine you have already lost 60% of investments.

  1. If you didn’t — you have a very good portfolio.
  2. Even if what we see is the collapse of financial bubble. Back in 2014 bitcoin rushed to $1150 and then dropped to $230 — 20% of peak value. 20% of autumn peak is $4000. In the most pessimistic case we will have $4000 price for bitcoin. We think you’d agree, that losing 50% more of what was left in the most infortunate case before growth will start is better than start selling now, losing so much (we speak of those who bought it at $20000 point).
  3. Price WILL go up. Majority of those who wanted to sell has already done it. Others are waiting for growth of for minimum peak to start purchasing actively. So there will be a moment, when no one in the market would like to sell — price will inevitably go up in such a moment.

So there is an opinion that you should start buying, not selling, But if you have all your money in cryptocurrency, our advice is to get some money out of this — around 20%, just to have enough cash to purchase in such moments.

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