GameFi trend: NFT and DeFi Symbiosis or How to Conduct IDO With Raise x10?

Those tracking the industry development definitely know 2020 was a real boom for the decentralized finance sector. However, in 2021, the hype switched to the NFT sector. Since the first quarter of this year, the popularity of NFT has grown exponentially. Between January and March 2021, the capitalization of the NFT market grew almost 18 times and reached $432 million at the end of the first quarter. The trading volume increased as well from $30.1 million to $226 million. According to preliminary data, as of the summer of 2021, investors spent more than $2 billion purchasing NFT collectibles.

Amidst the hype, the world media also add fuel to the fire: more and more celebrities release NFTs almost every day. For example, in March this year, the famous auction house Christie sold Beeple artworks for $70 million. Thus, the first quarter was really explosive, the second was rather stable, and the third and fourth promise to be even more astonishing.

What is Step Hero?

The Step Hero ecosystem is a kind of symbiosis of NFT and DeFi games allowing users to make a profit and receive fun simultaneously. Step Hero implies:

  • a fantastic role-playing game with detailed gameplay;
  • cross-chain NFT market, HERO token, and NFT collectibles;

The development of Step Hero is maintained by a dynamic young team of blockchain enthusiasts and gamers. They aim to recreate legendary characters from childhood games in compliance with technology trend 4.0. Therefore, they meticulously approached the study of each character and the creation of creative NFTs. The team has enormous ambitions. They are eager to make Step Hero the best NFT game on the market.

Role-playing game

Step Hero is the first NFT fantasy RPG running on Polygon (formerly Matic Network) and Binance Smart Chain. The plot of the game Step Hero lies at the heart of the post-apocalyptic war between the army of Shadows led by Lucifer – the Demon Lord and the heroes led by the archangel Gabriel. Players play the roles of heroes. Their missions are to fight villains in battles while taking away their energy, collecting in-game items, earning (STEP coins), and improving their heroes.

Step Hero players can generate income in several ways:

  • They can earn prizes by winning Player vs. Player (PvP) battles.
  • They can sell in-game objects such as healing potions, power potions, and weapons and earn money.
  • They can upgrade their characters and exchange them later. The more unique and powerful their characters, the bigger profit they bring.

Hero NFT Marketplace

Hero NFTs Marketplace (HNM) is a cross-chain platform where users can easily create and share NFTs products. To differ from other NFT markets, the platform focuses on ensuring the originality of NFT assets. Creators who have completed the KYC process receive a “confirmed profile” status.

Besides, Hero NFTs Marketplace integrates its data with other social networks to create creators’ digital identifying data connected with their wallet address. This identification helps detect plagiarized NFTs. In addition, each user can report copyright infringement and receive rewards as soon as HNM confirms their suspicion. This mechanism relies on community support to create a reliable marketplace.


HERO collectibles are unique, authentic, and rare. Hero collectibles owners can decide to either bring them into their collection or sell them on the market. The market price of cards depends on the level of their rarity. Owners also may integrate them into artwork and other blockchain-related products to add value.

Outstanding features

Step Hero is created using the most sophisticated graphic design of world-class collectibles and a comprehensive NFT ecosystem. In addition, the NFT marketplace is has superior features that allow users to buy and sell NFTs, list other NFTs, create their own NFTs, even launch NFT auctions and join affiliate programs with attractive commission rates for both promoters and judges. Besides, the project features the ultimate RPG game that gets interesting game rules ranging from basic to advanced levels.

Step Hero (HERO) Tokenomics 

HERO is the Step Hero utility token. It currently has four main use cases:

  • HERO Farming: HERO tokens are used for farming
  • HNM Payments: HERO tokens are used as the payment currency in the Hero NFTs Marketplace along with other tokens
  • In-game payment: In-game transactions are made via in-game currency STEP. The user can buy STEP for HERO.
  • Voting: The holder of a certain amount of the HERO token will have the right to vote on decisions regarding the project’s development.


  1. Name: HERO token
  2. Symbol: HERO
  3. Network: BSC and Polygon
  4. Total supply: 100,000,000 HERO

Distribution of tokens

The total amount of 100 million HERO tokens will be distributed among the following categories: seed sale, private sale, public sale, team, advisors, liquidity, gaming incentives, marketing, and fund reserve. 

Farming mechanism and play-to-earn

HERO holders can choose from two farming mechanisms to receive rewards from their tokens.

  • Stake HERO Token to earn points: Users stake HERO Tokens to earn points. They can then exchange those points for NFT and sell them.
  • Stake HERO-BNB LP to earn X tokens: Users stake HERO-BNB LP pairs on PancakeSwap and receive FLIP tokens in return. FLIP tokens are also used to redeem NFTs.

Step Hero Team is an enthusiastic gaming studio founded in early 2021 with various years of experience in blockchain in general and cryptocurrency in particular. The team consists of 10 members with impressive experience in multiple fields.

IDO on Launchzone

Just a few days ago, on August 15, 2021, the team held an IDO. This initial token sale brought immediate success. The Whitelist participants bought all available allocations in 0.3 seconds, as the project representatives claimed. Within half an hour, the $HERO token was added to the PancakeSwap exchange. The price of the token increased by more than 1,000%.

So far, the project has 82,000+ members on Telegram, 12,000+ holders, and 40,000+ transactions.


Hero NFTs Marketplace (HNM) is a cross-chain platform where users can easily create and share NFTs products. To stand out from other NFT markets, the platform focuses on ensuring the authenticity of NFT assets.

The team decided to combine the two most essential areas in the cryptocurrency industry: DeFi play-to-earn and NFT. They work tirelessly, and progress is already visible. Successful IDO shows they are moving in the right direction. We just have to be patient and wait for the game’s release, planned for Q4 2021.

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