Scam alert! TerraMiner ICO – who are these guys?

From the first moment I saw the Terra Miner’s advertisement on You Tube it made me to think skeptical about this project. As long as we could analyze this project we can say exactly that this ICO is absolute SCAM. We can assert that with all responsibility, no doubts.

First point – the presentation video. You can find it on the official web-site (what is strange already their official web-site used different domain before – But there is an explanation: it is not their first ICO, and not even second. If we look in the internet, we will find white paper for the previous token offering (

Let’s go deeper checking the team.

Starting from the bottom… Denis Novakovskiy. So we made a research about the fellow. Facebook, vkontakte (Russian social network) and linkedin. What we have found? (Here are all 3 links for you to check, by the way: ) At first, the strange fact – guy has no one in his friends lists with the names of his colleagues from terra miner. Another fact — no stated work experience in facebook — something strange for the person with “1 000 000+ subscribers in 151 educational projects”. What next, linkedin? The same, no experience, except Terraminer, of course. Suspicious, but not more. So we go further.

Stanislav Shamenko ( ) and Ivan Melikhov ( So guys are friends in vkontakte, good, finally some job connections. Or not?… We look through their profiles and find that they are no less than best friends for about 7 years.

Figure  1 Guys in their way to Egypt in 2011


Figure  2 Stanislav comments on Mikhail’s photo back in 2010
In Vkontakte guys are stated no less than relatives to each other.

But what about other people, new, enlarged team from new Whitepaper? No one in friends list, but fellows, nonetheless, state in their pages that they are part of Terraminer project. Boys look more like couple of friends involved in just another hustle by someone older and more powerful.

So, you might say: man, you should show to some conspiracy fans, there is nothing going on here!
But wait, it is just the beginning. Quick look at other team-members with couple of funny results (like SMM-expert member Mr. Kiktenko not even being subscribed to a group ( he should be responsible of) points at the fact that people from whitepaper don’t seem to be involved in the project and have no connections to each other. I can tell you more — they don’t even have friends in common (It can be checked online via vkontakte API-based apps, here is an example: ).

But we should go on. The most obvious thing is to check CEO? But wait… Who is Mr. KuzneСov? Yap, friends, we are on the most interesting part now. Guy doesn’t know properly how to write surname KuzneTSov in English – maybe because he has no experience because it is not his real surname? STOP. WHAT? No, you might say it is bullsh*t. But give it a shot, try to find and connections between this face and name Pavel Kuznetsov. We tried different search options for his name — we didn’t find him neither in English, nor in Russian (you can give it a shot: Павел Кузнецов). No such man in the internet before and except Terraminer activity.

So lets go on. Who this guy can really be? Thanks to bloggers like ICOMUSHIK ( who found the answer – it I, no doubts, actor Mikhail Borodachev (who can be easily found on web:, presented like stargazer and psychic on Russian TV. You can see it with your eyes.


Figure  3 Source: /text says: Terraminer founder Pavel Kuznetsov (on the left) and Stargazer, biologist-geneticist Mikhail Borodachev).

But how can it be possible? What about all the videos they made? Videos are easily explained with the job-offerings company published recently. Thanks to blogger @Riska for finding original links (
One of vacancies includes a description: you need to have a skill to wprk with rear screen). And many others are for video-makers!!! Get it? Guys don’t search for developers, all they need is video-makers.

And last exclusive, you won’t find this information anywhere else. In one of their posts, Terraminer stated that they use technology of immersion cooling by Beeminer. We can easily find Beeminer on Youtube ( , and what do we see? Video made by them, where they insist on having no connections to Terraminer. The only thing they say, is that they sold one of their machines to a guy called Panshin Artem (also easily found by us – Who signed a contracts, which terms e later violated, that he won’t use mining machine in terms of creating prototype based on the same technologies.


Figure  4 Panshin’s documents


Figure  5 Contract terms between Beeminer and Artem Panshin

So who do we think we found on Terraminer public page? Artem Panshin!

Figure  6 Andrey Panshin at Terraminer

Another proof that Beeminer’s technology was stolen is this picture from the White Paper. You can see Beeminer’s logo on bath, they couldn’t even check that!


So make no mistake and tell friends — ICO followers, Terraminer is a great fraud and scam. They not only lie people about content of their ICO, but even steal other people intellectual property.

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