Synctuition: world of calmness, silence, and harmony in your smartphone

Like any other job, crypto trading draws a lot of physical and mental strength. But in crypto, this is exacerbated by high asset volatility, sudden drastic decisions by the authorities, and tweets of certain famous personalities.

In general, this is not for the faint of heart… Even strong guys, having spent capital and feeling defeat, abandoned everything and said goodbye forever. Moreover, enthusiasts are ready to lose much less capital than professional investors.

But even at the end of the working day, when it’s time to find peace and relieve nervous tension, do we all know how to do it right? Unfortunately no. We live in a world where information flows over us 24/7. Even during our holidays, we scroll through social networks and messengers, continuing to load more and more information into our heads.

This rhythm of life leads to Job burnout, illness, and failure as a result of chronic fatigue. Poor sleep patterns, deconcentration, weakness, and indifference are just some of the symptoms of today’s active worker. Is there a solution to this problem? How to get away from information noise into a world of calmness and harmony without going to the mountains of Tibet, the Amazon jungle, or the Namibian desert? 

It turns out that our ancestors knew the answer to this question many thousands of years ago, but in the modern world, fewer and fewer people have retained this knowledge. Music is real magic for our mental health, and listening to special soundtracks can have an incredibly powerful effect on a person.

Humanity has long known about the potential that lies in music, about various psychophysiological reactions that arise in people under its influence. Ancient mythology contains numerous images and representations in which music is perceived and experienced as a phenomenon of a magical nature. In the culture of any country, you can find information about the use of music to normalize the state of mind of a person.

Today it is hundreds of times easier to experience the “magic of music” than it was 100 years ago because you don’t even need to leave the house for this. Synctuition has created a true music therapy “audio paradise” right in your smartphone! Long-term research and collaboration with experts have helped the developers combine all the positive effects of sound on the human brain in one application, and it’s incredible.

Synctuition is a truly unique experience of meditation and music therapy. It has been proven that 25 minutes of listening to Synctuition has an effect on the human body and mind, comparable to 4 hours of meditation! To get such a strong psychophysiological effect on the body in just 25 minutes — sounds impressive.

Synctuition features are built on four main components:

  • 3D SOUNDS.

The correct composition of these parameters of the musical track has an almost healing effect on the psyche and state of mind of a person. For example, remember how differently military marches, shamanic trance, or African national rhythms affect the mood of the listener.

“Prepare your mind for sweet dreams. Wash away your daily problems and worries. Keep your mind healthy and young” — offers Synctuition.

The Synctuition app has made a real boom in mobile marketplaces. Users share incredible experiences in reviews, and the project audience grows thanks to recommendations.

Right now Synctuition has opened free 7-day access to all new users. Everyone who downloads the app gets exclusive access to 1500 minutes of magical journeys personalized just for everyone. Take care of your mental health with Synctuition!

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