The Six Types of Users in the Cryptocurrency World

According to TechCrunch, last year, A. Rosenberg, a former employee of Russian social network “Vkontakte” reported that Telegram is going to launch ICO, as well as its own cryptocurrency and $1.2 bln token sale.

Telegram founder P. Durov didn’t confirm this information, but he didn’t refute it either. But during the interview with Bloomberg, he claimes that Bitcoin still is a kind of «digital gold» and he is positive about the cryptocurrency. He bought 2,000 BTC for $1.5 mln, that now is worth $17.3 mln.

Telegram is the major communication center for millions of people. And like in any real-life community, virtual communities feature their own roles and users that every project launching ICO faces. There are some main psychological types of users that can be met at Telegram channel and in comments below:

1. An alarmist

People of this type are noticeable for the highest activity in channels making themselves and others crazy. A panic-monger announces his constant love to the project and all the users quite often, but suddenly switches to rage at the first signs of difficulties. Basic vocabulary: I love everyone. HODL. I truly believe in the project. But on the other side: I want the refund and my coins back! I hate you! Give me my money back! It’s a shame! A fraud! Everything’s gone! I had to listen to my mother! Run, you fools!

2. A man with “connections”

The given type of user usually shows their knowledge in all world jurisdictions, connections in the CIA, the law courts, as well as with some presidents. Basic vocabulary: You’re in big trouble. I have reported everything to the SEC already (USA Securities and Exchange Commission). You may start panicking because the FBI is watching you!

3. A Believer

That is the major category of users in every crypto Telegram channel. They invest their own money not only to get money but because of their trust in the project and the team. These people are the core audience of every project who support and inspire the team. They are the most loyal followers of the product and the ones who display understanding and patience during the development. They usually investigate all the problems on their own and sometimes share the answers with the others. This audience is mainly represented by experienced cryptocurrency

enthusiasts and observers who read almost every message and monitor every reference in the media.

4. A reseller

This kind of user comes to projects with one purpose: to buy cheap and sell high. He doesn’t care what kind of product is under development, or what’s the idea behind it, or who’s on the team. He seldom ever reads Whitepaper. Basic vocabulary: When’s the listing? Come on, guys, hurry up! I can’t wait to see $100 for a token within a month.

5. Forever banned user

This type of user always floods and gets banned for it each time. Then he creates a new account and starts all over again. Basic vocabulary: Why am I banned again? I invested 1 million dollars and got banned here. Why?

6. Sarcastic troll

A user who appears online once every month and asks the same questions every time: “So, how are you doing here? Has the project collapsed yet?” He disappears then and usually returnes a month later with the same questions and jokes.

Each token sale is unique. Telegram is not just another messenger. It means a lot to the crypto community. It’s like the blood circulatory system where hundreds of ICO projects function nowadays. Telegram is not monetized at the moment, although it’s potential is quite high. Its ICO can become the largest one in history. And there’s more to it: the whole world’s crypto community uses Telegram every day.

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