Ways of purchasing and storing Bitcoin

There are several simple and safe ways to acquire the world’s first cryptocurrency:

  • bestchange.ru

The “Give” line shows the currency you will pay, and the “Get” line shows the currency you are going to receive. The seller’s reserve must be at least three times the amount of currency you need. After choosing the method of purchasing the crypto currency and the seller, you should visit his site, register and follow the recommendations of the seller.

  • localbitcoins.net (is a 2p2 service for the safe purchase and sale of bitcoin to each other). In order to use the platform, you must register and confirm your e-mail address. After registration, you automatically receive a built-in purse.

The zone highlighted with a yellow rectangle is intended for selecting the method and amount for which you are going to buy bitcoin.

In the area marked with a red rectangle, people who sell bitcoin at this point in time are indicated. The higher the seller’s rating, the safer the deal will be.

The blue rectangle indicates the cost of bitcoin and the minimum purchase price.

After choosing a seller, you get on his card and indicate the amount for which you are going to buy a crypto currency. Then transfer the funds to the provided details, and the seller sends you bitcoin to the wallet received at registration.

  • Exmo exchange

In order to purchase a digital currency, you need to register, refill your account and then directly exchange your currency for the one you want to purchase.

It is important to remember that in unforeseen situations occur with the exchange, access to your funds will be closed.

  • BTC banker

The bot will help you pass the entire transaction and offer a more profitable course, and also will create a purse for you. In order to start working with him, you need to subscribe to BTC banker and start a dialogue, then you should choose a convenient language for communication and the currency with which you intend to purchase bitcoin. Directly for purchase, you need to enter the “Exchange BTC” item and in the sent message click on the “Buy” icon. After choosing the payment method,

specify the desired amount of bitcoins, read the terms of the purchase and confirm it.

Storing of bitcoin

Wallets for storing bitcoins are cold and hot, although they have one goal: to keep a secret key for access to means.

Hot – a wallet, which you can use at any time. Convenient because it is suitable for transactions with small amounts. Minus is vulnerable due to constant connection to the Internet.

Cold wallet stores bitcoins in offline mode. Characterized by a high degree of protection cryptocurrencies, the disadvantages include inconvenience in the performance of permanent operations.

Hot wallets:

  • blockchain.info – the most famous wallet, which is able to store BTC, ETH and BCH;
  • Cryptonator is a multi-currency wallet, which is able to exchange digital currency in EUR, USD, RUB and back. It can store BTC, ETH, LTC and other crypto-currencies.

Cold wallets are stored on your device and may be:

  • light (with loading only the necessary data). These include Bitcoin Core and Armory.
  • heavy (provide maximum protection). These include Electrum and Bread.

There are also hardware wallets that are connected via USB. These include Trezor, which you need to order on the manufacturer’s website, and a USB stick Ledger.

To store bitcoin, you can use a paper wallet containing a copy of your private and public keys and almost always looks like a QR code. The pluses include the inability to crack a wallet by hackers and the physical possession of a digital currency. The disadvantages include the probability of damage to the QR code, as well as the necessity to keep the purse away from fire and water.

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