Bitcoin to $80k right now?! Sami Loyal – 19 years old crypto millionaire interview

Hello! So here we are in Dubai and the crypto market is booming especially with the recent news of Coinbase IPO. And today in Dubai we have met with Sami Loyal. He is an amazing young 19 years old crypto trader and Youtuber. Nice to meet you, Sami! Can you tell us about your journey, how did you start, how did you become an entrepreneur, how did you know out about crypto first? 

So, I started with the crypto question, I spent a lot of time in my life online learning, gaming, whatever, so I naturally heard about bitcoin around 2012 and the only issue was that I was 11. So I was too young to understand what was going on, I didn’t understand anything about finance.

So did you find first about just in the news or did any of your friends tell you about bitcoin?

No, I just… If you browse the internet for six hours, bitcoin will come up naturally. But again, I didn’t know how to do it, so I always had a little bit of interest but I didn’t know how to get into it. And in 2017 a friend of mine showed me how. Actually, he was gain, he turned 13 dollars into 200. And I thought that was absolutely crazy, so I asked him how and then he showed me how to get in. Before I was running little businesses around YouTube, managing content creators like a Hollywood talent agent. And just a drive was there I always wanted to get into Bitcoin and when I found out I can, I did. 

What was the first exchange where you bought your part of bitcoin?

First one’s now gone bust, but the main first exchange I used was Poloniex. Do you remember that? They’re still around actually

Yeah but liquidity is not that high 

No, and Bittrex has the same story. Then Binance.. Now I’m on ByBit

Why do you prefer ByBit?

It’s leverage exchange, and when I had a big problem with Binance, they did something extremely shady and accepted no responsibility for it even years later, they don’t really care. So when I went to try and visit them in person where they said where they registered they didn’t exist… This was years ago so they should have had a presence there. I just found it super shady and I went away from Binance.

Tell me about your trading strategies. Do you trade mostly bitcoin, or do you hold and trade altcoins as well? 

Very rarely. I mainly trade bitcoin, I think it’s the safest asset to trade. I trade it on leverage margin trading. And the reason I don’t like altcoins is that they might have a higher reward than bitcoin. You might make more money but your risk will be higher. So you know the standard example I give is: Bitcoin compared to Cardano, Cardano might have 30% better gains to offer you for example, but it might have 50% more risk, and so that ratio doesn’t make sense. So what I feel is that Bitcoin has a good enough reward on leverage, and if you know how to leverage safely the risk is actually quite low. 

With what leverage do you trade? 

10x, 5x, around there.

Despite you don’t trade altcoins, do you have or do you hold any one of them?

I trade altcoins on leverage as well, even including Cardano. You know it depends on all the major ones that can be on leverage. I will look at them, it’s just that mainly I stick to bitcoin because it’s safer, and safety is very important. I don’t hold any else apart from Ethereum. As far as I can remember that’s maybe a few coins here and there but not that I know of really.

How did you learn about trading? Did you learn it yourself or anybody teaches you? Did you trade on traditional markets, stocks or businesses? 

The main way I learned was through try and error and I was losing all of my money. It was 2017 I was 15 years old when I started out. I was an idiot, I was doing everything wrong. And I lost all of my money and then I put more money and lose it all and that’s like it was repeated a couple of times. So I learned small things from that. Then I started reading books, I joined educational courses, I joined VIP groups where people show me how they trade. And that’s really where it started to get good, and finally where I became a good trader now. So to speak is when I reached my breaking point because I quit trading many times because I was bad this one final time I wanted to try it properly and not gamble. You know, do it fully properly. And it was shocking it was really that simple. I just did things properly. I just did things safely for the first time. Proper risk management, stop losses, not trading with too much money, only trading super-super safe things – it’s super obvious but that’s what works. 

And currently, do you do most on middle-term trading or short-term trading, daily trading?

I definitely don’t trade daily, I am a short-term trader so maybe a maximum of a couple of times a week. I think it’s quite a regular trading, to be honest. I think day trading is crazy I don’t know anyone to do that. But it’s not midterm either. 

What are your predictions for the crypto markets? How far bitcoin can go is for you?

I have no predictions for the long term. That’s more of a fundamental discussion, I’m a technical analyst. Other people analyze the fundamentals analyze the tech. I’m not one of them, so I just stay out of those conversations. Right now we’re at about 60 000. I think the short term will go up to 70 or 80, beyond that i don’t know. 

Do you think we will breakout that correction?

Yeah. The main reason, I think, of breakout is… The way this market cycle will end most likely is with a massive blow on top like 2017: 20k down to 10k up to 17k down to 6 – that is how it was in 2017-2018. I think we’re going to see it again. 

So for how long will this bull market continue?

As long as we don’t have those signs of extreme euphoria and extreme despair.

But currently, already almost everybody is talking about crypto. How to buy it etc. 

Yeah, that’s fine, that’s to be expected, but we don’t have extreme emotions yet, the way we did in 2017. And the way I know this is you just have to look at the price action if we get a really big top and we drop -20% and the next day we’re +10%. You’re very very extreme price action like that. Maybe we drop by -40%, the next day we’re up +20%, then we’re down -30%… That’s an extreme price action that we haven’t seen yet. And until and unless we get that I think the market is healthy.

That’s good! Tell us more about your youtube channel? Did you start immediately making videos about crypto trading when you just get into it? Or how did you start with it, so did you start it later? 

I made the channel I was just saying before it’s going to be 10 years old in a couple of months. So I’ve been doing this all of my life since I was 9 years old. I started out as a gaming channel and then a tech channel, music channel, everything in between.. I just wanted to get a lot of viewers. And from there as soon as I started getting interested in crypto I started making a little bit of crypto content. I found it more and more interesting and what I found interesting is just what I made videos on. So that’s it just became my main thing probably in 2018. 

That’s cool. Thank you for such an inspirational conversation, and good luck with your trades! And watch Sami’s Youtube channel and our channel as well and learn more about crypto!

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