Interview with Herbert R. Sim, the founder of and Crypto Chain University

Ann Tutova, CEO at Coinstelegram Agency with new interview – now at Next Block Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Her guest is Herbert Sim, speaker of the Panel.

Herbert R. Sim is the founder of and Crypto Chain University, established in 2010, the oldest repository for compilation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency research papers. Herbert was also previously the Chief Marketing Officer at; and Global Operations Director at Huobi Global.

– How is the Conference for you?

  • I think it is really good! In fact, I’ve been here for couple of days now. And Thailand community is great.

– Yeah, and it is developing as we see. So how did you know first time about blockchain and cryptocurrency?

  • I first go into bitcoin and crypto basically by founding Crypto chain university, this is repository for compilation of blockchain and crypto research papers, in 2010.

– Does it developing well now? Do you have lot of members in your Crypto chain university?

  • Well, Crypto chain university is repository. There are lot of academics interested in the subject. Eventually in 2016 I founded – simply to publish it across the mainstream industry media. That’s why I’m one of the few “bluetick” figures in the industry of blockchain across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

– And I see you now starting to work as Adviser of many projects. What attracts you in these projects?

  • Previously in 2017-18 I was working at Huobi as the Global Operations Director. Back I was working at INDY exchange where I had to be mutual and I could advise any project. Shortly after I left I’d started investing and advising different projects across the world. So at this point of time industry is too volatile. That’s why I see not more groups to go in professional way. Let’s like quickly compare: crypto’s daily net volume is $5 billion while Forex market has $5 trillion daily net volume -that’s 1000 times more. Actually just last week at SiGMA, а very big conference in Malta, I had announcement and acquired FortuneZ which is going into iGaming industry itself. So actually bridging between cryptocurrency and iGaming.

– Great! So – do you trade crypto for yourself or you just hold?

  • Very-very good question. I do trade but I do more hodl for myself. Hodl means “hold on for dear life”.

– What coins do you hodl?

  • As BitcoinMan I hodl bitcoins of course and tokens that I’ve invested in.

– Good luck with your projects!

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