35B Won Stolen From Korean Bithumb

Korean second crypto exchange Bithumb announced on Wednesday it lost 35 billion Korean won (($31.6 million). Financial loss occurred due to “abnormal outside access” from Tuesday night.

“We will suspend all money deposits or withdrawals, until we secure the stability of the service,”- said the exchange spokesperson.

All remaining cryptocurrencies are transferred into a cold wallet: “All assets of our customers are securely saved in Bithumb’s cold wallet, hence all asset is completely safe and secured.”

All losses would be compensated by the assets of Bithumb from it’s reserves.

However it is not announced when Bithumb will resume activities. It seems that not soon. The fact that this is the second hack in Korea in a short time is very bothering. A week ago Coinrail was hacked for 40 billion won. Now it is announced it will resume trading on July the 15th

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