AERGO (AERGO) reports the results of private sale, announces RewardDrop campaign

AERGO (AERGO) proposes to be a 4th generation — enterprise ready — blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies.

On August 28, the AERGO team announced that they had sold 144,151,452 AERGO tokens and raised US$28,832,654 during the private token sale. The AERGO token price was US$0.20 and a hard cap was US$30,000,000. Tokens will be released over a twelve month period, starting at the upcoming token generation event.

“We met all our private sale funding objectives. We are both honored and grateful for the trust shown by our backers in AERGO, our technology, and our team. Despite closing our funding round in early August, we have received over 550 screened extra inbound requests to help us and to directly back our project. The private token sale was oversubscribed by a factor of over twenty times”, – wrote the AERGO team.

The AERGO team also announced they will reward over US$3,000,000 worth of tokens to the project’s community. The tokens they’ll distribute will act as rewards for value-adding tasks completed in building the long-term vision of AERGO.

“We plan to allow a large portion of our community to participate in this program. The rewards are not only impactful — they are potentially huge — with up to US$50,000 worth of AERGO token rewards being made available to the highest contributing members of the community”, – wrote the team, adding:

“No filling out questionnaires — no spamming referral links everywhere. This is not proof of shill. This is not for people operating bots, this is not for people who don’t care about the long term future of AERGO. Rather, this is for those that understand what we are aiming to achieve and want to help.”

AERGO RewardDrop will be made like:

  • A general public incentive program to reward the project’s most supportive community contributors;
  • An ecosystem incubation program to attract at least 50 regional business partners — enablers — from around the world.

The AERGO team will soon announce:

  • KYC/AML/CTF details;
  • Regional participation exemptions;
  • Detailed terms and conditions for the RewardDrop campaign;
  • Details on the programs.

“Moving forward, we’re going to announce specific plans regarding the AERGO community plan. This includes similar community investment plans into our open-source community, our technology providers, and our platform users”, – wrote the project’s team.

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